OI Podcast #10 – Joe Jacks, TightSpot

Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quivers

After 5 years as the assistant manager at Schnee’s Joe Jacks was looking for something new. He started a new career as a real estate agent and sold real estate for 5 years. When the market to a turn for the worse, he decided it was the right time to get out started TightSpot Quivers. In this podcast you will hear Joe speak about the nuances of a bowhunting quiver that make it perform better. A … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #9 – Shad Wheeler


Shad Wheeler is a hunting consultant at Outdoors International with a personal specialty in high elevation hunting in the Rocky Mountain West. He has been on the cover of Eastmans Hunting Journal with his World Record P&Y Mountain Goat that he took in BC. He is super connected in the sheep hunting world and has hunted all over North America as well as in Africa. In this podcast, listen in as … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #8 – Justin Sparks

Justin Sparks

Justin Sparks is one of the most knowledgeable gear guys in the industry. He knows the detail of what makes gear effective and long lasting. He's a hard core archery elk hunter raised in Idaho, and a true gear junkie. In this pod cast you will hear Justin talk about things to consider when making gear selections depending on where you will be hunting and in what season, what bow he uses and … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #7 – Steve McIntosh of Outlanders


Steve McIntosh won the whole enchilada in the Outlanders show. We believe it... he was the best, most entertaining hunter on there in our opinion. Steve is a very accomplished muley hunter as well as a "known" guy in the marksmanship world. A gun nut who can shoot out to 1,000 yards. At 32 he has two degrees and is a trucker in the oil industry. He choose this business 'cause it affords him … [Read more...]

A Conversation with an Anti Hunter

A conversation with an Anti hunter

We get hate mail and/or death threats from at the very minimum, one anti hunter daily. Usually, there is no need to respond as they are unreasonable, rude, and have no sense of irony. But check this one out. What do you think of our response? Dear Sirs I have just come across your blog and I am stunned to see that you are glorifying hunting sacred animals. It is of course all up to you and it … [Read more...]