Preparing for Cape Buffalo with a Bow

cape buffalo dangerous game

Wow Cape Buffalo with a Bow!!! I still can’t believe I am heading to Africa! Let alone to go on one of my Top 5 Bucket List hunts, Cape Buffalo with a bow, aka Black Death, Dagga Boys, oh yeah. I have dreamed of hunting Cape Buffalo with a bow since I was 12 years old and started reading Capstick's books. Well now the dream is quickly becoming a reality, but on relatively short notice. Cory G … [Read more...]

Kershaw Taskmaster Saw Review


Watch Marc Warnke in this Kershaw Taskmaster Saw review. The Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is handy, light, sturdy, and sharp! A good, sturdy folding handsaw is something every hunter should have in his or her arsenal. If you already have one, you know how handy these things are. The Kershaw Taskmaster saw is a great choice for hunters, campers, and even backyard tasks. Whether you need it for … [Read more...]

Top 5 reasons to Hunt Whitetails in Idaho

Cody Barker with an Idaho whtietail

Whether we want to admit it or not, being that it is the home state to many on the O.I. Team, Idaho is a great opportunity to extend your season and put a monster whitetail on the ground. These are the top 5 reasons to let us set you up with a hunt for some stud whitetails in Idaho! 1. Differing terrain The terrain where whitetails in Idaho live varies greatly from rolling grain fields with … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #3 – Kenton Clairmont, Train To Hunt

Kenton Clairmont of Train To Hunt

Working out and Hunting are the two things that Kenton Clairmont has always loved to do. He was a four sport athlete in high school, a state champ in wrestling and a collegiate baseball player. After a year in the minor leagues he returned to school for his Masters degree in Sports Psychology. After graduation he began his career as a personal trainer, and it was his love for hunting, the … [Read more...]

Moose Subspecies in North Amercia

Moose Subspecies and Range in North Amercia

Moose in North America tend to be darker in color around their faces and legs than their European cousins and tend to weigh more in both body mass and antlers. Antlers of North American are more pal-mated than European moose as well. The four moose subspecies in North America are the Alaska-Yukon moose; the Canada moose; and the Shiras moose.    Alaska-Yukon Moose The Alaska Yukon … [Read more...]