Nevada Chukar Hunting

Chukar Partridge

Premier Guided Chukar Hunts in Northern Nevada. Wild upland bird hunting is becoming more and more limited each season, but Nevada still has some incredible wild chukar hunting. This Nevada chukar hunting outfitter has a kennel full of fine pointing dogs, and the knowledge of the area to get you into birds. Start Planning Your Hunt Request Prices Contact us today and we can arrange … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: GreyBull Precision

North Idaho Black Bear taken with PHO.

Precision Hunting Optics (PHO) Author: Levi Day The style of hunting known as “Long Range Hunting” has come a long way in the last decade. The days of Kentucky windage and Arkansas elevation have been replaced with some of the most technologically advanced optics; boosting more magnification, repeatable internal adjustment, even having the option of different reticle focal plans. All of the … [Read more...]

Outfitter Report – Frank Church Wilderness Bear Hunt

Dana Farrell bear

Our spot-and-stalk spring black bear hunts are absolutely outstanding. The backdrop is a scenic camp deep in the Frank-Church River of No Return Wilderness. Our first bear hunter was Dana Farrell. Dana is a seasoned journalist and actually brought this hunt to print both in the September 2014 issue of Western Shooting Journal and the 2014 CZ-USA annual catalogue. The hunt proved to … [Read more...]

Proof Research Rifles

proof research rifles

Proof Research produces the world’s finest composite barrels, stocks, and complete rifles. Have you ever wondered what exactly makes their rifles so great? What is their "Secret Salsa"? Well here is Jason Montagna, their Director of Marketing speaking about exactly that, in a recent podcast. "[...] Who can’t love a gun that’s dangerous and makes you feel dangerous? But in th … [Read more...]

Mike Ellig of Black Gold Sights

Mike Ellig Whitetail

Mike Ellig is a very respected member of the archery community. As the owner of Black Gold Sights, he is a wealth of information on the technology as it developed in archery in general. Here is a except from the podcast he did with where Mike talks about where it all started. [...] "How old are you, by the way? I don’t think I’ve ever asked." -Marc Warnke "I’m 55." … [Read more...]