Fallow Deer Hunting in Croatia

Fallow deer hunting in Croatia

Hunt trophy fallow deer on the 2,500 acre private Mediterranean Island of Plavnic. Croatia is among the rare countries that can boast of having a tradition of organised hunting more than 120 years old. Get More Information on this hunt Request Price Fallow deer hunting season is in the fall. Fallow deer hunting in Croatia takes place from September through January. Usually, you will … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – New Zealand Safari

Big red stag

This was my first time to travel to New Zealand. I went to hunt red stag and tahr and had an incredible time. It turned into a New Zealand Safari. I flew thru Sydney on my way to Christchurch. I spent 1 day in Sydney and flew to CC the next day arriving late at night. I stayed at a hotel near the airport and was picked up in the morning by Duncan...right on time. We drove to the lodge that morning … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #14 – Train To Hunt

Train to hunt podcast

In this podcast Marc catches back up with Kenton Clairmont of Train to Hunt and they discuss Kenton's hunts from this year, wilderness nutrition, a discussion recalling this last years national competition and what is coming up in the next year for Train to Hunt. You will enjoy the discussion Marc has with this true hunter/athlete. Do you know of someone who would be an interesting guest for … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting for Mid-Asian Ibex

Ibex (mid-Asian) in Kyrgyzstan

Get your Mid-Asian Ibex with this great Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunting Outfitter. An awesome Kyrgyzstan Ibex like this can be yours for around the same price as an elk hunt. This will be one of the most memorable hunts you ever go on. Kyrgyzstan ibex hunting is very safe. It is a friendly country to hunt and the U.S. military has been operating from there for some time. Get More Information on … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – DIY Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp

Darin Cooper Moose

This DIY Alaska moose hunt was everything I had hoped for. We were dropped off with a well equipped camp in a great area. We were in the moose the entire time and were able to harvest two good bulls with our bows. I was already making plans to return before the float plane picked us up. Highly recommend this trip for experienced and physically fit hunters. Your Name: Darin Cooper Your … [Read more...]