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Colorado Eight-Point Three-Legged Elk

colorado elk hunts

Every year my father, uncle, brother and I get together for a week of non-stop bowhunting in either Colorado, for elk, or North Dakota, for whitetail. This year is like no other, as everyone had a tough year financially and we decided we’ll have to wait until next year to get together. My uncle’s son, […]

Big Game Hunting in Mexico


There aren’t very many places in the world that can rival the hunting in Mexico. Quality hunting for BIG mule deer, coues deer, and desert bighorn sheep hunting found in Old Mexico, but specifically in the state of Sonora. Many bucks and rams die of old age, so opportunities for world class trophies are a […]

Missouri Breaks Sheep Hunting – Monster Montana Bighorn

Monster Ram From Montana Possibly Largest Ever!

A lucky hunter with the one coveted non-resident tag for a Montana Missouri Breaks Sheep, harvested possibly the largest Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ever taken in the United States! The ram green scored 205 with both horns stretching to 44 1/2″ with over 16″ bases and carries the mass throughout the horn length. The Missouri […]

Possible Nebraska State Record Whitetail

Nebraska State Record whitetail

This will probably be the new Nebraska state record whitetail according to the warden. It will be pictured in Nebraska Land Magazine. The hunter that shot this huge Nebraska buck is only in his mid 20′s. A guy around 60 congratulated him and told him to cherish this because he has never seen anything like […]

Another Wolf Bagged in Salmon Idaho

Idaho wolf hunting

An Idaho wolf hunter shot this wolf just outside her home near Salmon Idaho. While waiting for the pack to make their rounds and come near their home in Salmon Idaho, they looked in the woods below them and there was this wolf. The shot was easy, and what a beauty! Congratulations. The Idaho wolf […]

Big Buck Rescue

locked up whitetail

In South Dakota, someone was deer hunting and spotted a deer in the distance with his head down. It wasn’t moving, and wouldn’t raise it’s head. She grabbed her binoculars and looked at him, and saw that the buck’s horns were locked in the antlers of a dead buck. So she called friends and asked […]

Huge New Mexico Bull Elk Scores 419″ B&C

new mexico elk

Just thought you would like to see a few pictures of a huge New Mexico bull elk shot in on January 30. Larry Knowlton, finally shot the elk of a lifetime after months of agonizing defeat. Larry acquired one of the New Mexico enhancement tags for elk, and on September 1st began a five month […]

Should I Take the Shot? How to Figure Out Your Maximum Bow Range

blue wildebeest archery hunting

A big part of bow hunting is knowing your maximum bow range. What is a legitimate test to discover your maximum bow range? Before you would consider that 40 yard shot you should be able to produce four-inch groups at 40 yards. That is 4 arrows in a 4 inch circle at 40 yards every […]

Gerber EZ Open Knife Review

hunting knife

A few months ago, Rick Young of Rick Young Outdoors sent me an EZ Open knife to review. He sent me the ez open knife after the hunting season, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to use it until next spring. I did do some mountain lion hunting, but we never caught […]

Turkey Calling Tips

turkey hunting

It’s just about that time of year. I dusted off the turkey calls last night and thought a post on turkey calling tips may be in order. Wild turkey calling takes time and effort to learn, and knowing the basics of wild turkey vocalizations is crucial to being able to use different calls successfully. Wild […]

Choosing a Kids 22 Rifle

This is what I had as a kid. I loved this gun.

I get asked all the time what type of .22 parents should get when choosing a first kids 22 rifle, so I did a little research.

Wolf Hunting 101

Calling wolves can be an effective hunting method

As pretty much everybody knows, wolf season opened here in Idaho temporarily in 2009. I only got out wolf hunting once and didn’t have any success, but I’m going to try harder once they open it up again. Two of my friends got wolves that year and I congratulate them. They worked hard… anyway, I […]

Hunting in South Texas for Exotics and Whitetail Deer


Hey folks, I just spent the morning cutting up four deer that we harvested last week in South Texas while filming some hunting videos. My son Mike was married very young in life and never showed much interest in big game hunting. He loved to shoot birds, but deer hunting was never high on his […]

Do Wolves Keep Forests Nutrient-Rich?


A friend of mine, best selling author and fellow hunter Marc Warnke recently got into an online tussle with an anti-hunter about wolf hunting. They sent him an article from a blog which included all of the “facts” on wolves and how they keep forests nutrient-rich. Neither Marc nor I are wolf haters, but we […]

Muck Boots Review


…I noticed that my guide was wearing a pair of Muck Boots. He said he’d been hunting in his for 4 years & they’re still going strong.