Blandford Urial Hunting in Pakistan

Blandford Urial hunting is VERY GOOD in Pakistan.

Pending New World Record Blanford UrialBlanford Urial hunting is much sought after in Pakistan as they are a beautiful trophy as well as plentiful.

These impressive animals live in the southern hill country around Dureji which is roughly a four hour drive from Karachi Airport. Blandford Urials with horns measuring 65-75 cm (26″- 30″) are common in the well protected and managed areas where you will be hunting.

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The hunting season for Blanford Urial is from November through March.
However, January, February, and March are considered to be the best months due to desirable weather conditions. Early season tends to be much warmer and makes for a less comfortable hunting experience.

Physically, this is a relatively easy hunt.
Probably one of the easiest mountain game hunts available anywhere. The area that you will be hunting offers unbeatable trophy quality and an extremely healthy population of animals.

Trophy quality is incredible!
Current World Record Blanford UrialUntil 5-6 years ago, the world record for the Blandford urial was 31″. But due to good rain in recent years, there is a better vegetation in the area which has positively affected horn growth.

A few years ago, this outfitter collected a 34 inch Blandford urial that turned out to be #1 SCI World Record at the time. But the following year, they took two 35″ and one 36″ Urial rams, breaking the world record three times in one season.

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Hunt Includes:

  • 1×1 Experienced Guide and one interpreter with each hunter for the duration of the hunt
  • Visa Invitation, Customs Handling, and Organization up to Mentioned Hunting Days
  • Transfers to/from hunting area and closest airport
  • Hunting and Rifle Licenses, and Area Fees
  • Full Board Accommodation in the Hunting Area
  • 1 Trophy Blandford Urial up to 29″
  • Field Prep of Trophy, including preparation to be shipped home
  • Assistance with departing travel plans
Hunt Price Excludes:

  • International and Domestic Air Fares
  • Visa Fees
  • Trophy Shipment or Trip Insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Hotel accommodation before/after/between the hunt
  • Personal Expenses
  • Sindh Ibex Trophy Fee (if taken as additional trophy)
  • Observer Fee if accompanied by an observer

This outfitter currently holds the # 1 SCI Blandford Urial which measures just over 36” around the curl and a good number of 31”+ trophies that used to be previous world records for this specie.” ~Trevor Brittingham

Impressive Sindh Ibex - PakistanMake it a combo hunt by adding a Sindh Ibex

Another unique animal that inhabits the same territory as the Blandford Urial is the Sindh Ibex. Hunters may take a Sindh Ibex on their Urial hunt for an additional trophy fee.

*It is not uncommon to take a trophy animal of both species within a three day hunt, but the outfitter often adds 2 additional days to ensure success for his client. Learn more about the Sindh Ibex hunting

Pakistan Blandford UrialThe accommodations are of the nicest anywhere in Asia and the food is quite good as well.

The huge hunting area, roughly 100 X 40 kilometers, has been ruled by a family named Bhootani for several hundred years. 35,000 people live in the area and they all serve for the Bhootani family. With this small army at their service, nobody can mess with them or the clients that hunt on their land, whom they consider their personal guests.

The inherent security of this hunting area makes it safer than traveling anywhere else in the world.

Trophy treatment and Shipment
The skin of the trophy is carefully treated. Ears, lips, and nose are opened and salted, and the scull are boiled and cleaned. Later, the trophy is carefully packed for shipment. After all papers are prepared (which are necessary for the shipment), the shipment is sent to the address that you provide. Receiving the trophies could take couple of months, and shipment cost is around US $500 -750 depending on the address.

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Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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