Hunting Stories and Rumors from 2008

I always get these emails about big bucks and bulls, and you never know if the story attached to the pictures are true. While the pictures are impressive, it would be nice to get the real story. If anybody knows the facts on these, let us know by commenting. In the meantime, enjoy the pics.

Big Buck Alert: Possible New World Record Whitetail

Big buck alertThis huge whitetail deer was shot in Northern Missouri. It has 39 scorable points and scores an amazing 316 5/8 SCI.

Montana “Breaks” Ram

Montana breaks ramThis huge Montana bighorn sheep has a green score of 202 1/8. Wow.

Greg Krogh and Pat Loescher’s AZ Strip Bucks

Big bucks from the Arizona StripTwo great bucks from the Arizona Strip. See the full story.

Idaho Unit 45 Mule Deer
Big buck from Idaho Unit 45 Mule deerAll I know is that this 41″ Mule deer buck was taken in Idaho’s hunting unit 45. Right in my back yard. A few years ago a friend of mine got a buck in unit 45 that had those same weird drop tines that aren’t really drop tines.

Blue Mountain Bull

Blue Mountain bull elkHere’s another huge 390″ bull from Eastern Oregon. we think he came from the the “Blues”. If anybody knows the story on him, let us know.

New Mexico Antelope

New Mexico antelope huntingDon Perrin shot this fine New Mexico antelope with his muzzleloader. It has a green score of 89-6/8 which would make it #50 all time in New Mexico.

Paunsaugunt Mule Deer

Big buck from the PaunsauguntThe only thing that I know about this buck is that it came from the Punsaugunt in Utah and it scores approx. 232″ B&C.

Huge Archery Elk
Preston Mercer passed a lot of trophy bulls on his Arizona archery hunt. He finally located this huge 6X6 bull and he cow called the bull within bow range on the second evening of the Arizona archery season. B&C Official Measurer Clay Goldman taped the bull at 412-3/8 gross and 399-5/8 net B&C green score.

The Spider Bull Is Down!
After months of debate, trash talk and rumors, the fabled “Spider Bull” from Utah has finally been taken on Sept. 30 by Denny Austed who was guided by Team Mossback.

The bull has been officially scored by Rusty Hall at a whopping 480 1/8″ Net B&C. This puts him teetering on the edge of being the new world record.


Check out the Spider Bull Forum

Montana Ram
This ram was shot in Montana by a hunter who wishes to remain anonymous. His outfitter found him before the season and he is the largest ram he has ever seen in Montana.
He camped on the ram for four days until the hunter could show up.

Once the hunter showed up, he missed the ram on his first shot at 300 yrds (it was the first ram he had ever seen). They found him again the next morning and worked him for a few hours until they got a standing shot at 150 yrds. He missed again. Luckily they found him again and the hunter finally connected at just over 100 yrds.

They called this ram “44 Magnum” as he is all of 44” and has a base pushing 18”. His 1st qtr was over 17” and his short horn was over 40”. They don’t have a green score as of yet.

KC Ramsey Does It Again!

A friend of a friend of mine shot this archery bull in Idaho, it gross’ 402” with 12” bases. What a toad!

Here’s his huge Idaho muzzleloader mule deer from a few seasons ago.

Kentucky Dead Head

This huge dead head was found in Kentucky. Too bad a hunter didn’t get him, but still a great find!

Idaho Bull

Here’s what I have: “I shot this bad boy @ 823 yards twice threw the neck & he refused to go down so I put one threw his Hart & Lungs at @ 741 yards. There was a 30 MPG cross wind which made it even more of a challenge. SCI record score of 419.5 The adventure & kill was filmed for the non believers.” (unconfirmed)

Dan Agnew Washington Bull

This bull is causing quite a stir and the rumors are flying. This free-raning 9×10 non-typical Washington bull was taken by Dan Agnew. He has an unnofficial green score of 450′ plus. It will be the new WA state record.

The current Washington state record non-typical taken in 2003 by Jeffery G. Thorpe scores 421-7/8.

This story is confirmed. We dug up the truth at:

Randy Ulmer’s Archery Nevada Mule Deer

Randy Ulmer (left) killed this great Nevada buck with his bow. He was guided by Gary Gallegos. Ulmer credits Gallegos’s “unrelenting enthusiasm, great glassing skills and uncanny big buck instinct in creating an opportunity where there appeared to be none. I’m sure that we’ll read more about this one in the magazines.

Confirmed by

Arizona Elk

Here’s what I have on this monster bull (unconfirmed):
This bull was taken out of Unit 9 in Arizona by the Governors Tag Holder. $200,000.00 plus guide fee. The bull measured 422″.

Arizona Potential World Record Antelope and Arizona Strip Mule Deer
Dr. David Meyers shot an AZ antelope that may eclipse his current world record that is tied at 95 B&C. Word is he purchased both governor tags this year and is going to wait until next year to fill his second tag. The unofficial score is being kept a secret until after the 60 day drying period.

He’s all ready bagged this monster mule deer on the strip this year with a governor tag and supposedly has a governor tag for elk as well.

Idaho Unit 44 Mule Deer
Matt Marks got this nice buck in Idaho’s hunting unit 44 on October 18. Pretty cool looking buck.

Idaho Velvet Mule Deer
I don’t have any story on this buck… but he’s big!



    1. Doubletough says

      Whew what a buck! If my NoDak muley hunt sends me home (again) empty-handed, I just may pony up for an Idaho trip!

    2. Gary Sorenson says

      I don’t know if I’m mentally stable enough to face down that much bone at 20 to 40 yards – I get shook up just looking at the pics. I’d like the chance to find out though!

    3. Tom Sorenson says

      Crimony! What a ram! Not to mention all the other brutes on this page. Would love to put my crosshairs (or pins) on something like that.

    4. Brooke says

      Wow that spider bull is unbelievable!!!!!! I can’t wait for a chance to have one like that in my crosshairs…..what a trophy!!!!! Congratulations to the mighty hunter :)

    5. Tom Sorenson says

      Here’s what I find crazy – an antelope scoring nearly 90 inches is only #50 in the state!!!! I think I’m heading to NM for my next antelope hunt!

    6. flatlander says

      i drew 44-1 ……with my 14 year old and 16 year old …..please help!!
      does anyone have a good suggestion where we can hunt for a trophy??
      we have scouted the area….

    7. vern plantenberg says

      The 44 mag ram from Montana was shot by a Montana fish and game “officer” during a sting to bust the outfitter. That’s why he didn’t give his name out. What a waste. My dad got his MT sheep tag last year after putting in for 40 or so years and the fish and game are killing the largest animals in the state to bust an outfitter for trespassing.

    8. luke says

      Dan Angew’s Washington Bull was taken with the governors permit. Dan Spent over $250,000 to shoot this bull. I personaly saw this bull 5 times alive. It was taken near Dayton,washington.truely a monster you should have seen him trying to walk through the trees. so big it gaged me, this is why we started calling him the gager bull. And yes there is another one this year almost as big but it is a 13X11 and man he is beautiful thats all I can say, we call him the tucannon terror because he rips up everything in site.

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