Big Buck Rescue

In South Dakota, someone was deer hunting and spotted a deer in the distance with his head down. It wasn’t moving, and wouldn’t raise it’s head. She grabbed her binoculars and looked at him, and saw that the buck’s horns were locked in the antlers of a dead buck. So she called friends and asked if they were up for an adventure — a buck rescue if you will.

In addition to having their antlers locked together, the bucks were tangled in an old fence. The live buck had the bigger rack – a 5 x 6. The dead buck was bigger bodied and looked to be an older deer. It had more “stickers” on its rack.

They attempted to break a point off the dead buck’s rack with his pliers, but couldn’t. Then they pulled an old post out of the fence line and used it to try and pry the racks loose, but so far the buck rescue wasn’t working.

They finally decided to go to a friend’s house in order to borrow his chainsaw, but then they thought something quieter would be better, and so got a hacksaw instead. Terry sawed the main beam on the dead buck and then other one was free!



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