Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Asia

Ibex Hunting in Asia with an Outstanding Outfitter!

World record Bezoar ibex
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Bezoar Ibex hunting is an incredible hunt for one of the most sought after big game trophies in Asia. Their beautiful coats and extraordinarily long horns, which can exceed 50 inches & entice hunters from around the world. Bezoar Ibex have the longest horns of any animal in the world relative to their body size.

Like most wild goats, bezoar ibex are mountain dwellers and prefer the steep alpine zone of the mountains. it is highly recommended to be in good to great physical shape while Ibex hunting. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to hunt at 9000 ft elevation as steepness and altitude have little correlation in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey. Often times, hunters encounter them in altitudes as low as 2500 feet.

Ibex hunting

“Ibex Hunting is one of the most challenging but most rewarding hunts there is!” ~ Trevor Brittingham

The difficulty of ibex hunting varies among the vast ranges in which bezoar ibex can be found. Ibex hunting in some areas are easier to access and offer less challenging hikes while others can be grueling. Trophy quality also varies from place to place, and a good outfitter will know where to find the monsters, and where to find solid representatives of the specie. Most outfitters will price their hunts according to trophy size, so decide what you are looking for and prepare for that specific hunt.

ibex hunting

If you have an interest in Ibex Hunting, you can email me Trevor Brittingham or get more info by clicking Ibex Hunting. Good luck on your next adventure! Trevor


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