One of the Best Elk/Mule Deer Outfitters in Utah and Wyoming

Running a large area, large guide staff, and multiple lodges is an incredibly difficult thing to do while holding to high standards. We have found that it is an anomaly in the hunting industry to find a large outfitter that doesn’t have a lot of holes in their ship.

The outfitter we work with in Utah does a tremendous job all around. They have three lodge locations, 700,000+ acres of private land to hunt, and a around 60 guides on staff. Whew…these guys are amazing and do a great job of keeping the environment very personal and professional. *They also run a large operation in Wyoming.

They have access to a ton of CWMU ground, in key trophy areas with great genetics. This makes their guaranteed tags a VERY good value. Because of how the CWMU tag system works they have rifle rut hunts for elk and early season rifle mule deer hunts (Sept 1-5) . Their elk trophy quality is very conservatively estimated at 260+ and their general deer hunts at 160+. This outfitter took 11 deer over 200″ last year between their Utah and Wyoming ranches… unheard of in the industry!

Two of their lodges are 5 star and with their liberal seasons, this is a hunt to make sure you ask us about. Their pricing on rifle elk and deer hunts average in the $7,500 range and all their hunts are one-on-one. They have an exceptional archery muley hunt on their Wyoming ranch that runs $6,500. That particular ranch has over 100,000 acres and produced three deer over 200 in 2013!

If you are looking to hunt some premier property and having a legitimate chance at a 6 x 6 bull or a solid muley this outfitter is a solid bet. If you would like to know more about them you can reach me at (208) 867-6675.
Marc Warnke

Here are the hunts offered by this outfitter:

Utah Moose Hunting for Shiras Moose Utah Moose Hunting for Shiras Moose – Landowner Tags
  • Utah Moose Hunting for Shiras Moose
  • Landowner Tags Available
  • Trophy Bulls Between 38" - 51" Wide Bucks
  • 150,000+ Acres of Private Land
  • High Success Rate
  • learn more | Ask about this hunt
  • Utah Elk Hunting Land Owner Tags Utah Elk Hunting with Land Owner Tags
  • Guaranteed Landowner Tags (CWMU)
  • Hunt 1.2 Million Acres of Private Land
  • Trophy Elk Hunting in Utah
  • High Success Rate
  • learn more | Ask about this hunt
  • Wyoming Elk Hunting Wyoming Elk Hunting Outfitter – Private Land – Guaranteed Tags
  • 100% Drawing Odds
  • Elk Hunting on Private Land
  • Trophy Elk Hunting in Wyoming
  • Combo with Mule Deer
  • learn more | Ask about this hunt
  • Mule Deer Hunting in Utah Mule Deer Hunting in Utah and Wyoming
  • Guaranteed Mule Deer Tags
  • Utah and Wyoming
  • Private Land Hunts
  • Rifle and Archery mule deer hunting
  • CWMU Program Mule Deer Tags
  • learn more | Ask about this hunt

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