Best Apps for Hunting Outfitters

Hunting outfitters everywhere should embrace their mobile devices. If they haven’t already, they will soon realize what great tools and resources they are; one great resource being the apps. Any serious hunter will act like a kid in a candy shop after seeing the many useful apps these devices have to offer. Some of the best hunting apps for outfitters include:

RacksSite helps you connect and share with thousands of hunters and sportsmen worldwide.

ActInNature Hunting
ActInNature Hunting is a planning, recording and navigation app for hunters. It provides four major
1.Moon & sun phases, weather forecasts and hunting season information
2.Hunting and map zones, compass and locations of other hunters with ActInNature
3.Camera that indicates POIs and other hunters’ locations
4.Ability to record notes about tracking, weather, ammunition, guns used, etc.
This app is perfect for hunting outfitters because they usually hunt with other people. It allows you to always know the location of the other hunter(s). Outfitters also have a keen understanding of the land they hunt on. The app provides enough information to prepare for future hunts, while recording notes that may influence these hunts.
Another similar app is the Rocky Hunting Log app.

Scout Look Deer Log
This outdoors app gives hunters an abundance of weather information including:
1.Weather by the hour
2.Solunar tables
3.Wind direction
4.Scent indicators showing which direction your scent is blowing
5.Best times for feeding game
6.Deer log
All of these factors play a significant role while hunting and believe it or not, may be the sole purpose of you nabbing that big buck or not. It’s great for outfitters looking for the perfect conditions to hunt or provide other hunters with advice.

Hunting Grounds
Hunters can connect with each other, find outfitters and share information such as, photos, videos, reviews and advice. It’s a great resource for getting involved in the hunting community simply by using your mobile device. This can be utilized by outfitters by building relationships with other hunters and outfitters to generate more business and show off their expertise.

Hunting Bag
Hunting bag allows hunters to keep track of their successes…or failures. It allows you to take notes on all the conditions that influenced the hunt, count totals, what guns were used, the weather and type of animal bagged. This app organizes this information conveniently, while uploading pictures to complement the records. This is great for hunting outfitters flaunting off their trophies, sharing their success and failure stories, and keeping track of hunting trends.

Primos Hunting Calls
Primos claims to have the best-selling hunting app of all time and they might be right. This app provides over 20 engaging hunting calls for deer, elk, turkey, hogs, waterfowl and more for hunters to use. These call sounds include shakes, rattles, grunts, gobbles, amongst many others. This is very convenient as it eliminates purchasing calls and carrying them with you, saving hunters money and carrying space in the long run.

Sam Ott writes for KT’s Trophy Hunts, Missouri hunting outfitters with over 6500+ acres of some of the best private hunting land in the Midwest. Book your hunt today!



  1. Nate Williams says

    I have been using Hunting Bag for a few years now. I like the way it organizes the game tally even with years of records. And at the end of the season I like to print out a copy of my totals that it lets me export.

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