Beceite Ibex Hunts in Spain

Beceite Ibex Hunts in Spain
Arguably the best Beceite ibex hunts in Spain, if not in all of Europe.
Last year they had a 100% success rate on over 100 hunts!

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Hunt during the rut.
Beceite Ibex hunts usually take place during the rut which is at the end of October, November and December.

Beceite ibex hunts are usually done by spot-and-stalk.
You will be hunting in a pre-scouted area and should have multiple shot opportunities daily.

Beceite Ibex HuntsTrophy quality on this Spanish Ibex hunt is very good.
This Spanish Outfitters’ clients have harvested three World Record Trophies, besides many others trophies ranking in the top ten of the SCI Record Book.

The Beceite ibex is one of three sub-species established for record keeping by splitting Mediterranean Spanish ibex into groups.

The Beceite ibex is the largest subspecies, both in body size and horn size. It has very wide-set, wrinkled and ringed horns, which make its ability to climb seemingly vertical rock faces incredible.

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Guiding is one-on-one.
You will be guided either by the outfitter himself, or one of his three sons.

Gary Bogner with a Beceite Ibex
Gary Bogner with an Archery Beceite Ibex he took with this Outfitter
Terrain in Spain can range from low hills to high mountains.
Beceite Spanish Ibex hunts take place in the rugged Eastern Spanish Mountains near the Balearic Sea.

Weather can range wildly so be prepared.
Depending on the time year and the region you are hunting, temperatures vary between 35 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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We can tailor-make the hunt of your dreams in Spain, and will provide you and your non hunting companion with a most enjoyable time and successful hunt in Spain.

Top Ten Beceite Ibex
An incredible Top Ten SCI Beceite Ibex
Travelling to Spain is easy.
You will fly to the Madrid – Barajas Airport where you will be picked up by the outfitter and driven to base camp. Travel during the ibex hunts are by car.

The accommodations on this hunt are top notch.
You will stay at Casas Rojas in the Toledo Mountains, which could be considered the outfitters’ headquarters. You may also stay at top quality hotels as close as possible to the hunting areas. All meals and drinks are included.

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Here are a few trophy photos from this hunt.

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