Bear Baiting Tips and Tricks

Bear baiting tips

For you do-it-yourselfers, successful bear baiting is a bit of an art form.

Through the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned a few things and here are our baiting tips:

  • Your bear bait should be on a ridge, not at bottom of a canyon. The goal here is to fill the canyon with the smell of your bear bait.
  • Place your bear bait as far away from roads and trails as possible. Try to be the only one hunting the bears in your area. This should up your odds of a trophy boar visiting your bait site. We sometimes use horses to pack in bear bait.
  • Bears prefer sweet bait as opposed to meat scraps. Another advantage of sweet products such as breads, doughnuts, and dog food mixed with syrup is that they will only attract bears, not wolves and coyotes.
  • Pour A LOT of grease on the ground all around your bear bait. When bears come and go from the bait, they will step in the grease and leave scent trails for other bears to cross and follow right back into your bait. Let the bears do the work for you.
  • Don’t check your bait for at least a week after you have it set. Eventually a big dominant bear will claim and begin checking it throughout the daylight hours.
  • Set your tree stand or ground blind downwind of access points to your bait.
  • Attractants can be very effective. Early season add some sort of sweetener to your bear bait. Later in the season (late May through June), use sow in heat scent.
  • When you do finally sit your bait, try to sit all day (hard to do) and definitely sit until very last shooting light.

  • Scent… there are two schools of thought:

  • Wear rubber boots and use rubber gloves when touching your bait barrel and or trail cameras.
  • Don’t worry about your scent, in fact, hang dirty clothes around your bait so that the bears get used to smelling humans.

  • If you don’t want to deal with bear baiting and just want to bear hunt, we have some great black bear hunting Outfitters and would love to talk to you about them.

    How to build a bear baiting barrel:
    A good bear baiting barrel should hold bait for up to 2-3 weeks.

    Do you have any bear baiting tips or tricks that you like to use? Leave us a comment below.



      1. Jeremy Maesse says

        Great tips!
        One thing we started doing, is filling gunny sacks a quarter of the way full of bait then hang them from the tops of 8 to 10 inch sapling trees in diameter.
        Bears curiosity gets the best of them!
        They usually break the trees in half!

        Happy hunting!
        Check out

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