An Awesome Alaska Black Bear Hunt!

Alaska Black Bear Hunt Report – Spring 2012

Hey guys,
I have to say up front that this Vessel-Based Alaska black bear hunt this spring was one of the most awesome (I rarely use the term awsome) trips I have ever been on.

Alaska black bear hunt
The Outfitter did a great job of making the most of our entire trip. The number of bears that we saw was very comforting in that there was never any worry about our possibilties of success. The amount of other wildlife that we observed also satisfied my hopes and expectations I had prior to going.

Fishing for rockfish on an Alaska spring black bear hunt Sea lion rookery

Hunting free roaming black bears on the coast in Alaska on a vessel based hunt is a hunt I would recommend to anyone. It makes me want to save up for a brown bear hunt. Thanks again for booking me with this Outfitter!

Richard Seago


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