AVOID: Larry Bryant of Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing

I’m writing this article with duty in mind to fellow hunters in telling them about which Outfitters to avoid when booking a hunt. Our story begins with a good relationship with Larry Bryant of Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing.

Larry Bryant was our “eyes on the ground” in Kyrgyzstan for our Ibex and Marco Polo hunts. We chose to work with Larry Bryant because he dealt with great Outfitters, spending many months a year in the area (he was originally an Outfitter and bush pilot from Alaska). The quality of the Outfitters he booked for is still unquestioned. It was Larry Bryant we had our issues with, not the Outfitters.

In July of 2010 two hunters from Montana placed a hunt through our agency with Larry Bryant for an Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan. They had friends who also placed hunts with Larry, independent of us. The first sign of trouble was when I got a call from our client telling me that when their friends arrived, the Outfitter hadn’t been paid by Larry the money to get their trophies back with them (they may still be impounded in Kyrgyzstan). He called me asking if he was going to have the same issue. I talked with Larry several times and he assured me that everything was fine and that it was just a transferring issue and my clients would encounter no problems.

My clients arrived in Bishkek, and were greeted by the Outfitter who told them he had not been paid by Larry and that they were not going to be able to go hunting. My client called me by sat phone and we scrambled and wired money to the Outfitter via Western Union to cover their hunt. They went on to successfully harvest two good ibexes and were able to bring them home because we stepped up and paid the bill at a huge loss. I was in contact with Larry via skype the whole time hearing excuse after BS excuse as to why the money wasn’t getting there. In the end, despite the promises to return our money, he still has paid us nothing and has fallen off the face of the earth.

As a final note, Larry Bryant wanted to pay us with other hunters deposits! I refused to allow him to do that because we would just become part of another problem for some other unfortunate hunter who would show up in Bishkek with their money stolen as well. The sad thing about all of this is I think Larry is an example of someone “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” I don’t think he had bad intentions or wanted to steal someone’s money. He was just behind and couldn’t catch up. Regardless of the intent, he is someone to avoid at all costs. I chose to protect my clients identity by not naming them but I have plenty of documentation of everything that was stated here and anyone requiring more info or verification of what was said here is welcome to call me directly.

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  1. Cass Mongoven says

    I also booked an Ibex hunt with Larry Bryant in 2011, there were 3 of us that had been in contact with him for several months prior to our hunt, and all was good until 2 weeks prior to leaving. Larry had booked our hunt with Jaykob before the season had opened by 2 weeks! So over the next couple weeks we had to scramble to get everything changed, flights, and visas into Russia it turned into a huge mess that cost us about an extra $2500.00 that Larry said he would reimburse directly to us when we got back to the US.

    Finally after everything was changed we were on our way, we spent 2 days in Moscow which was great, BUT when we tried to fly out to Bishkek we encountered more problems. Larry directed us to get with the Russian authorities when we arrive in Moscow to have our guns put in a safe at the airport, which sounds like a great idea, it was really no big deal to check them in, BUT when we were ready to fly out more trouble started, well lets say we missed our flight to Bishkek. So once again we had to find flights out of Moscow which cost us another couple thousand.

    Once in Bishkek things were looking better, we just wanted to hunt and forget about the last few weeks and have some fun.

    In Larry's description of the Ibex hunt is hunting from horses and the final stock will be around 3 to 400 yrds- NOT…..We put in about 85 miles on horse and I personally walked around 12 miles at elevations from 10000 to 13500 ft.
    I'm not complaining about the hunt, I feel I'm in good enough shape to do just about anything, BUT for the average person this may have killed them.

    After the hunt we are on our way back with our Ibex ready and packed to take home (you take them home as carry on, we had all 3 together to make 1 bag) – we are feeling good and having a great time, until we arrive at the hotel with Jaykob. Things did not look good when I saw his face; he sat us down and told us that he had not received the rest of our money so they could not complete the government paperwork to release our Ibex. We could have taken them if we gave him the rest of his fees that came to $13000.00, (also stayed another couple days and redo flights again), which we had paid to Larry.

    Jaykob was a very gracious host, took us out to dinner and brought us to the airport the next morning. He also promised us that our animals would be taken care of and once he had the money he would ship the Ibex to us.

    For the next few days all we heard from Larry not to worry he would take care of everything all costs would be covered and we would have our animals in a month. And that was the last we heard from Larry Bryant.


  2. says

    We have been in contact with Larry and he is promising to pay us back but has done nothing so far as of now and has stopped communicating for at least the last month and a half. I remain hopeful that he will do the right thing and clean up his reputation.

  3. says

    In his message he said to me that he was still trying to get your trophies out to you. I'm putting the pressure on him for us, you and another guy out of Australia who got caught in his vortex as well.

  4. says

    I know Larry Bryant and also another person and noted Outdoor company I will not name that Larry stole money form several years ago, I am afraid to say that no one will ever get there money back from Larry Bryant and he is as my Montana friend says "dodging" creditors and hunters as well as fisherman he owes money to from , stealing money intended for hunting and fishing trips.
    I hope everyone avoids this bloke he is bad news for the rest of us. One of the most respected Outfitters in hunting is contacting the Ministry in Kyrgyzstan to deal with Larry Bryant. My friend Outfits there and is well connected with the proper officials.

  5. Cass Mongoven says

    Hello Dan and Cass,

    How are you doing? I hope, you’re fine,

    Recently people from government agency of hunting contacted me. They are pressing on me with your trophies.

    I’ve paid some part of the trophy fees of your trophies; therefore, they were not contacting me much before.

    However, too much time had passed since you shot your trophies. Therefore, they are asking me, when exactly the trophies will be taken by owners.

    I understand that both you and I had many financial problems due to Larry’s organization; therefore, I paid some part of the fees myself.

    I think, can trust each other.

    If you don’t want to take your trophies, then the trophies will be destroyed and my reputation as a hunting agent would be spoilt.

    Moreover, I think, you also guys want to return your trophies.

    I look forward to your responses.

    Best regards,

    Jakyp D.

    Hunting in Kyrgyzstan.


    e-mail: [email protected]

  6. Geoffrey Hogue says

    He AND his Ex-wife? Eugenie were notorious for doing just what you are talking about. I know personally from 1999 that she was booking hunts and fishing trips to Alaska and having the hunters send half of their fees to her in Bullhead City, AZ. Neat trick, (deposits under $10,000 don't get reported by the bank) so that money never got reported to the IRS. If you weren't happy, too bad, you were just out your money. She may have been attractive, (I married her to find out 4 months later she was still married to Larry) but if her lips were moving, SHE WAS LYING! Anyone looking for her can find her in Bullhead City living with some guy named Chuck. Phone # is available at dogpile.com.

  7. says

    I just heard another story that he got 4 guys for a hunt/fishing trip on Kamchatka. As I am about to complete my 13th years taking anglers to Kamchatka this is very upsetting as it gives all of us a black eye. I just wish this guy would go away. I feel bad for anyone who has gotten tangled up with him. Like the two guys from Oregon we saved in the Petro airport who were never told their trip was cancelled. Thank goodness we came along and took them fishing. That was in 2008 and I just spoke with them and they have not received a single penny back to date. We also took 2 other anglers/hunters on a greatly discounted trip just to save the good name of Kamchatka later that season. They had a great trip, sued Larry and won but to date have not received a penny. Not pointing fingers as the hunts seems to be fairly priced but he has for years been offering fishing trips to Kamchatka at an incredibly cheap and impossible price. This brings in the people that think they are getting a deal when in all reality it is to good to be true. Kamchatka is an expensive place to operate, I know as I have sent millions of dollars there over the years to pay for trips yet somehow there must be a never ending supply of people who think they can get by without paying a realistic price.

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  9. says

    I just heard of another person who was taken just recently by Larry to the tone of $20,000+. He is still up to his old tricks and we have not received our money from him.

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