Marc Warnke - Hunting Consultant

An avid bow hunter, fly fisherman and best selling author, most of Marc's young life was spent as a “hunt and fish bum.” He's been on the covers of Eastman’s Bowhunting and Trophy Hunter. He has global experience with outfitters and understands what a memorable hunt consists of.

Mike Ellig Loves Variety When It Comes to Bowhunting

Mike Ellig of Black Gold Sights

Mike Ellig, owner of Black Gold Sights gets to do a lot of hunting, and Marc wondered what his favorite critter was. Well, here's an except from his podcast telling us exactly what he loves to hunt most.... and we're not surprised by his answer. "[...] I think it’s important that we acknowledge as bow hunters we all have certain things that make us unique as a hunter, and then there are … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear

KODA Adventure Gear is an outdoor gear company that has designed gear for everybody from a seven year old to a seventy year old, so you have the ability to grow up with it. Get your kids started out RIGHT! To do that you need good, high-tech gear. If we want our children to be warm in the woods and want to go back we've got to keep them comfortable. SHOP NOW … [Read more...]

How Kryptek Got it’s Start in the Battlefield


Ever wonder what led Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn (founders of Kryptek) down the path of starting the company? Here is an excerpt from the podcast where Butch tells that story. "[...] Kryptek's start is different than what people think that’s for sure, correct?" -Marc Warnke "Yea, it’s been neat to share, you know, when you have those victories and also you know t … [Read more...]

Proof Research Rifles

proof research rifles

Proof Research produces the world’s finest composite barrels, stocks, and complete rifles. Have you ever wondered what exactly makes their rifles so great? What is their "Secret Salsa"? Well here is Jason Montagna, their Director of Marketing speaking about exactly that, in a recent podcast. "[...] Who can’t love a gun that’s dangerous and makes you feel dangerous? But in th … [Read more...]

Mike Ellig of Black Gold Sights

Mike Ellig Whitetail

Mike Ellig is a very respected member of the archery community. As the owner of Black Gold Sights, he is a wealth of information on the technology as it developed in archery in general. Here is a except from the podcast he did with where Mike talks about where it all started. [...] "How old are you, by the way? I don’t think I’ve ever asked." -Marc Warnke "I’m 55." … [Read more...]