Cory Glauner - Hunting Consultant

Cory Glauner is the owner of Outdoors International. An avid archery hunter, bird hunter and fisherman, he has hunted and fished in many locations researching guides and outfitters.

Take Advantage of European Exchange Rate

Mat Cervantes roe deer hunting in Europe

The time to book a hunt for Europe is now! Over the last year the exchange rate for the Euro against the Dollar has dropped 30 points to a new low of almost a one for one ratio. That means a 2,500 Euro Mouflon or Fallow buck hunt on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia that was about $3,500 with the exchange rate in 2013 is now close to $2,700-2,800; that is a deal! So book and pay the deposit … [Read more...]

Turkey Hunting in Hawaii Anyone?

two birds

Who hunts turkeys in Hawaii? We do! Over a three day period In March of 2015, Mat Cervantes a hunting consultant and his son Andrew were fortunate enough to harvest three Rio Grande’s. Despite heavy rain all weekend, they were able to take two Tom’s and a big Jake on the big island of Hawaii. The biggest bird was over 22 pound birds with a 9.5 inch beard and 1” spurs but most impor … [Read more...]

GEAR REVIEW: Survival Slingshot

Survival slingshot

I recently tried the Survival Sling Shot and was impressed with it's construction, and power. As they say... this is not a toy. Not only is it extremely well made, it comes with a crazy amount of accessories that allow this unit to be the most advanced sling shot I'm aware of. I am still getting my accuracy down but I can easily see that it has all the power necessary to take down a squirrel or … [Read more...]

Importance of America’s Hunting Culture

The importance of maintaining America's hunting culture

The media often demonizes hunting. You see it all the time. Media outlets focus on highlighting egocentric hunters who poise defiantly over their slain game, creating the portrayal of hunting as merciless and barbaric. Rarely do you see the other side of hunting, not just as a sport, but as a socially relevant way of life. Hunting actually yields many benefits within American society, both in … [Read more...]

VIDEO: “Friday the 13th” Archery Elk Hunting

Elk hunting video

After three years of hard elk hunting and only coming home with tag soup, Cory Glauner, Founder of finally broke his dry spell. He had to lower his standards as things had changed in his hunting area, but we're sure it felt good to have some success. "Growing up, September was the month I lived for. Elk hunting is just plain fun, and I'd gotten pretty spoiled with some awesome … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Turkey Hunting Mistakes


A turkey's intelligence may not be as important as their sharpness of senses if you are looking for a successful hunt. However, one should account for both as the theory that turkeys are dumb animals might not necessarily be true. Oddly enough, even though turkeys have no external ears, they are still equipped with a keen sense of hearing. Their visual field is about 270 degrees, allowing … [Read more...]

Podcast #19 – Aoudad Hunting Tips & Tactics


Learn how to hunt aoudad, their funny habits and why they are a critter worth putting on your bucket list. Listen in as Tom, one of our Premier Outfitters, and Marc discuss Aoudad hunting strategies, the gear that you will need, and what makes this particular hunt one you need to do. Learn a lot about hunting aoudad sheep in this podcast. Tom is a born and bred Idaho sheep and deer nut. … [Read more...]

OUTFITTER REPORT: Idaho Antelope Season

Brian Best Antelope

Last years' Idaho Antelope season was a short one, but a fun one. It started with long time GOTHUNTS client, Kyle Hawkins. This guy is an absolute riot to have around. Our area has very little hunting pressure during archery antelope season, so finding bucks is definitely not a problem. Day one and two were both full of action with numerous stalks on some great bucks. Day three was even a … [Read more...]

OUTFITTER REPORT: An Aoudad Year End Review

Aoudad Hunting in West Texas

It was a year of 30-inchers. Our first hunt started off with long time GOTHUNTS client Tom Palmer and his friend Kenny Romero from Louisiana. This was an amazing hunt where persistence, very hard work, and extremely long hours glassing paid off in the end. We were able to close the distance on a band of 70 sheep with 5 shooter rams on day one. We sat up for a back to back shot. Kenny made … [Read more...]

Backpacking Light Gear List for DIY Hunting

Gear Spotlight

Steve Speck knows how to pack light on a DIY backpack hunt. Here's his Backpacking Light Gear List: This is 99% of my hunting backpacking light gear list. Nothing extra! The only thing that can vary slightly is maybe an extra base layer / long johns in very cold temps or if elk hunting I’ll have bugle tube, mouths reeds, etc with me. -Steve Speck Main Gear: Pack: Exo Mountain Gear 3 … [Read more...]

Caring for Mounts – Tips by Dan Catlin

trophy room

After an amazing adventure that ends in the collection of a trophy animal, most hunters want to have a taxidermist “Capture Your Memories”! Here at The Wildlife Gallery we specialize in just that. However, once the taxidermy work has been completed and the trophy is proudly displayed in your home, office, or trophy room, the question often is “how do I care for this mount and clean it”? … [Read more...]

WORKOUT: No Shape to Elk Shape – Week 1

Successful elk hunters

Workout for hunters from Looking for a workout to get you in shape for hunting season? Here you go. Jump to week: 1 *get more workouts at Day 1 Baseline testing Baseline testing is an important part of any fitness program. Just like hunting, in order to know where your going,t you have to first know where you are. Equipment needed: 20 inch step, a … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Jaken Warnke Texas Hunt


Watch as Outdoors International owner Marc Warnke takes his seven year old son Jaken on his first youth hunt in South Texas for a management whitetail. Then, they head over to the Texas Hill Country for an exotic hunt where Jaken tags an awesome Corsican sheep. Jaken is all smiles with his management buck. Jaken and Marc drove on over to the Texas Hill Country for a little … [Read more...]

Archery Bear Hunting With My Family

Cory Bear with family

I guided bear hunters during the Idaho spring black bear season.... it feels like a lifetime ago. We had a lot of fun, but we worked hard. After all of the hunters had gone home, there was still one evening left of the season and I decided to hunt one of the baits. One bear bait in particular showed signs of a large boar hitting it pretty regularly (this was before we had trail cameras) so I … [Read more...]

The NW Mountain Challenge


The NW Mountain Challenge (formerly known as the Bogus Challenge) is moving to Tamarck Ski Resort for 2014! Dates will be June 27-29th. They will also be sharing event information, updates, media, and giveaways through their Facebook page and partnering channels on Twitter and Instagram… … [Read more...]

Skull Bound – The Beginning

Jana Waller

Watch Skull Bound on The Sportsman Channel? ....of course you do. As a fan of Skull Bound ourselves, we were curious to hear Jim Kinsey and Jana Waller's back story. Well here it is. This is an excerpt from the podcast Marc Warnke did with them. If you want to listen to the entire it is. [...] "It’s funny. I put my 10 years in too, but it wasn’t in a post office. It was … [Read more...]

Just Four Things Anti-Gun Groups Get Wrong

Anti Gun

“Dumb.” “Savage.” “Evil.” Those are just a couple of the kind words that my co-workers, neighbors, and friends say when guns are the topic of conversation. It’s baffling how people, who pride themselves on their open-mindedness and benevolence, can be so rude and ignorant. I have often wondered what the “Anti’s” think we do all day. Sit in a dark room filled with maps planning world domination … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Fandrich Family in Namibia


We saw tons of animals, but the Kudu was by far the hardest animal to hunt. We saw lots, but typically only for a split second. After a few days of walk and stalk, we decided to hunt s high blind. We saw a decent Kudu come out at dark, and Helmuth told me that he was a shooter but that we should wait for a bigger one- glad we did. We went back to the same blind the next morning around 0900 after a … [Read more...]

IDFG Find “Robust” Elk Populations


I don't think most sportsmen would agree with this. Would you? I for one would like to know what political factors go into determining the objectives for the elk plan. It is my belief that they are determined more by landowner complaints than by biology or the input of the sportsmen who foot the bill. -Cory February 19, 2015 Wildlife Crews Find “Robust” Elk Populations Recent survey fli … [Read more...]

Outfitter Report – 2014 Elk Hunting Season

Robert and Ryan Craigo Bull 2

Fellas, This year we ran four hunters out of lower [No-Tellum] Creek. We killed four bulls, but only recovered three. This last week with Robert and Ryan Craigo we were on bulls every day. The two bulls we harvested were the smallest two bulls we saw during the hunt (that was not intentional!). We doubled up on day three, called in the bulls as a duo and shot them both at 125 yards. Awesome. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Leopard Charges Hunters


Following up on a wounded leopard is no joke! You will be amazed at the speed as this leopard charges the hunters. He comes from nowhere, and is lightning fast. It is almost on top of the hunter before he even has a chance to shoot. He finally ends up shooting it off the end of his barrel. CRAZY video! Interested in a leopard hunt? It's not for the faint of heart. You can browse our … [Read more...]

5 Things to Know about Self-Guided Moose Hunts

2014-AK- DIY Moose

Hey guys, we booked one of your self-guided moose hunts and have a few questions so we can be fully prepared for it. 1. What worked/didn't? Good choice on your self-guided moose hunt, this year was our first experience with this outfitter and they did a great job for our party. During our layover in Bethel we meet several clients that had been out with them for multiple times already and were … [Read more...]

Lucky Hunters Win Sable & Buffalo Hunts!

Sable hunt winner

Last week, two lucky hunters who attended our African Outfitter Meet and Greet events in Idaho won a sable hunt in South Africa and cape buffalo hunt in Mozambique. Nick Holcomb from Boise, ID won a 5 day all-inclusive sable hunt in South Africa Dave Hansen from Twin Falls, ID won an all-inclusive cape buffalo hunt in Mozambique We would like to thank: Watch us give the hunts … [Read more...]

Hunting the Muntjac Deer in Europe

Muntjac Deer

Muntiacus reevesi I doubt the 11th Duke of Bedford had any idea how successful the Muntjac deer would thrive in the English countryside after leaving the deer park gate open during WWII. Muntjac were originally residents of Asian deciduous and coniferous woodland where they are now endangered. Now they are a common species when hunting in Europe. Muntjac is the smallest of the six species … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Elk Hunting is a Sacred Act

Elk hunting video

Outdoors International Hunting Videos: Episode 5 | Season 4 As Elk Hunters, We Are Blessed.... Even When We Fail. For most hunters, elk hunting is so much more than just meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. It's about the experience, the friendship, the challenge, the animals, the land, the excitement, the despair.... sometimes it all comes together, but most of the time it doesn't. … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Caribou Hunt

Alaska Caribou Hunting Outfitter

Your Name: Anonymous Your Location: TX Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Alaska Caribou Hunt Date: 3rd week of August, 2014 Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Yes Please Rate Your Outfitter and Guide Scale of 1-5. 1 being “No Way” & 5 being “Absolutely” How likely would you be to refer this hunt? 4 How were the conversations with the outfitter? 4 … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Africa Lion Charging Hunters

Lion Charge

Check out this African lion charging video from last season: Extremely vindictive, a lion will finish what he starts and is well equipped to make short work of a man. An ambush predator, if he is hurt and he knows what has hurt him – he will be intent on doing something about it! The lions in South Africa are far more aggressive and tuned to human contact making them unafraid of p … [Read more...]

OI Podcast #17 – Donnie Vincent, Film Maker

Donnie Vincent, Film Maker

In this podcast you are going to hear Marc Warnke interview Donnie Vincent. Donnie is arguably THE premier hunting film maker in the industry. He and Marc talk about film making, video gear, Donnie's favorite hunts, what happened this year and what's coming up next year. He also speaks about some very interesting things that he saw this season, one of which, will blow you away. You will … [Read more...]

Leopard Hunting in Mozambique

Hunt leopard in Mozambique with Chacma Safaris

Leopard hunting in Mozambique will take you back 100 years Leopards are among the most sought-after trophies, but also the hardest to obtain. This remote, traditional hunt in Mozambique will give you a great opportunity to hunt a trophy leopard. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

5 Celebrity Hunters You Didn’t Know About


When they're not entertaining the masses with their unique talents, some celebrities like to unwind with some good old-fashioned hunting. Though some of the following individuals may not surprise you with this hobby, others simply don't fit the description. Jewel It's probably not quite as surprising to see Jewel Kilcher (known by most people by only her first name) on this list, as she grew … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Passing Along Our Hunting Traditions

russ shooting

Full Draw Film Tour Video with Russ Meyer As one of the owners, and hunting consultants at, Russ Meyer has been given the opportunity to bowhunt many amazing locations. Truth be told, the places closest to his heart are the Idaho ridge lines and canyons where he’s left miles of boot rubber, sweat and tears. Sharing those places with his sons Jess and Luke was always a dream he knew … [Read more...]

European Union Trophy Import Rules Changed


by: SCI First For Hunters The European Union (EU) is making it more difficult to import hunting trophies of six species into the EU. The European Commission has finalized new importation rules that will take effect on 5 February 2015. THESE RULE CHANGES AFFECT EU HUNTERS WHO HAVE RECENTLY HUNTED, OR ARE PLANNING TO HUNT, ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: WHITE RHINO, LION, ELEPHANT, HIPPO, ARGALI … [Read more...]

New Mexico Elk Hunts

Team GotHunts with a New Mexico elk

NM Hunting for elk on 55,000 acres of private ground New Mexico is now considered one of the prime elk hunting states. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

13 Skills You’ll Need For Survival

13 Skills You’ll Need For Survival

Perhaps you've heard about Gene Penaflor's hunting trip in October, 2013: the 72-year-old California hunter was lost for 19 days in the wilderness, enduring below-freezing temperatures and surviving on squirrels for nearly three weeks. After hearing the story, many hunters wondered if they could survive in the same predicament. Although the ability to modify an AR-15 with the right accessories … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Mike Collis, BC Moose

Moose hunting with a conoe

If I were ever going moose hunting again, I go with this outfitter. Your Name: Mike Collis Your Location: Bradenton, Florida Your Agents Name: Marc Warnke Trip Taken: Moose and Black Bear in BC Hunt Date: 24 Sept thru 4 Oct 2014 Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Yes, very much so. Please Rate Your Outfitter and Guide Scale of 1-5. 1 being “No Way” & 5 bei … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – New Mexico Elk

Late season elk hunting in New Mexico

While in Croatia for work, I received a text message from my miracle worker Russ Meyer from Outdoors International. It stated I needed to call him. This always brings a twinge of excitement; I always know something good comes from these calls. It was the best phone call I have ever made. Thank you Russ and Outdoors International for all you've done for me again! Your Name: Jared Griffith … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Chris Matson

California Blacktail Deer

"Conan is an expert hunter and fisherman. He was very key for the Black Tail Deer hunt in California. His knowledge of their behavior and precisely where to be and when was critical." Your Name: Chris Matson Your Location: Danville, CA Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Black Tail Deer and Duck Hunt in California Hunt Date: September 4-5th 2014 Were you happy with your trophy and … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Alaska Unguided Caribou

Typical terrain

Although I was unsuccessful, I was pleased with my hunt. Your Name: [not disclosed] Your Location: McCall, ID Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Alaska Unguided Caribou Hunt Hunt Date: Early September, 2014 Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Lots of fun we just missed the migration. Please Rate Your Outfitter and Guide Scale of 1-5. 1 being “No Way” … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Matt Hartsky

Texas Flag Map

Your Name: Matt Hartsky Your Location: Laramie, WY Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Texas Free Range Aoudad/Hogs Hunt Date: 12/30/14-1/2/15 Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my overall satisfaction a 3. Please Rate Your Outfitter and Guide Scale of 1-5. 1 being “No Way” & 5 being “Absolutely” How likely would yo … [Read more...]

New Zealand Hunting for Red Stag, Tahr, and Chamois

New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

New Zealand Hunting in the Land of GIANT Red Stags! This outfitter has one of the largest trophy red deer herds in New Zealand. Thanks to a highly focused game management program, the quality of these red stags is unbeatable. Couple trophy red stags with the opportunity to pursue world-class tahr and chamois, this is New Zealand hunting at it's finest. » BOOK YOUR … [Read more...]

End of Season Unguided Caribou Hunt Report


Here is an end of season hunt report from our unguided caribou hunt outfitter: 2014 Season – all seemed to go well. As with any season, there are those instances that we had guys come out of the field without animals, however the overall feel of the season was a great one. Had guys coming out saying the Tundra totally kicked their butts – so when you’re talking to potential hunters, PLEASE … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Idaho Archery Elk

Archery elk hunting in Idaho with Horse Creek Outfitters

Trip was great Outfitter and staff were excellent and very professional. We hope we can go on more hunts with Adam in the future Your Name: Robert Crago Your Location: California Your Agents Name: Shad Wheeler Trip Taken: Idaho Archery Elk Hunt Hunt Date: Oct. 25th – 31st Were you happy with your trophy and the overall experience? Yes. Great memories. Please Rate Your Outfitter a … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Kansas Archery Whitetail

Brett Marcum with his Kansas archery whitetail

Craig runs a great outfitter business. He is very knowledgeable of whitetail deer behavior and he specializes in hunting them. He invested a lot of work scouting his leased land, hanging many tree stands, and studying multiple trail cameras from spring to fall. He is a dedicated bowhunter, as am I, and he appreciates the hunting experience as much as taking a trophy animal which is consistent with … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Kansas Whitetail


We hunted from tree stands and ground blinds which had been placed months before we arrived. He provided transportation to and from the hunt sites and also provided breakfasts and lunches. He also got us discounted room rates at a local hotel. All in all it was a good hunt and am looking forward to next November! Your Name: Larry Velvick Your Location: Idaho Your Agents Name: Russ … [Read more...]

Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunt

Vessel based alaska brown bear hunt

Vessel Based Brown Bear Hunting in Alaska for BIG Bears! This Alaska coastal brown bear hunt is very exciting as you'll spot and stalk the worlds largest Brown Bears in Alaska. Hunt bears along the coast from a live-aboard luxury yaught. Very unique vessel based, coastal brown bear hunt. This is an excellent guide use area, located along the rugged gulf coast out of Valdez, AK. We have enjoyed … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Archery Alaska Mountain Goat


I've been on a lot of hunts over the past years, and can honestly say this one of my best trips to date! With animals in every direction, the hardest decision was figuring out which Goat we were going after. That is a true rarity these days. I can't wait to go back to hunt with this outfit! Your Name: Yahsti Perkins Your Location: Montana Your Agents Name: Russ Meyer Trip Taken: Archery … [Read more...]

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Myths


Myth No. 1: Most of the birds are shot when the South Dakota pheasant season opens. It's a tradition like no other... an opening weekend pheasant hunt in South Dakota. Each year, outdoor enthusiasts from around the world re-visit the state where they have been developing traditions, friendship and memories for generations. In addition to great friends, family and hospitable South Dakota … [Read more...]

Unguided Alaska Moose Hunts

Unguided Alaska Moose Hunt

A fly-in DIY moose hunt for trophy bulls! Ask us about this TROPHY unguided Alaska moose hunts. The price of this DIY hunt will astonish you. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – New Zealand Safari

Big red stag

This was my first time to travel to New Zealand. I went to hunt red stag and tahr and had an incredible time. It turned into a New Zealand Safari. I flew thru Sydney on my way to Christchurch. I spent 1 day in Sydney and flew to CC the next day arriving late at night. I stayed at a hotel near the airport and was picked up in the morning by Duncan...right on time. We drove to the lodge that morning … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – DIY Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp

Darin Cooper Moose

This DIY Alaska moose hunt was everything I had hoped for. We were dropped off with a well equipped camp in a great area. We were in the moose the entire time and were able to harvest two good bulls with our bows. I was already making plans to return before the float plane picked us up. Highly recommend this trip for experienced and physically fit hunters. Your Name: Darin Cooper Your … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – BC Mtn Goat/Elk Combo

Mike Ressler Mountain Goat

Your Name: Mike Ressler Your Location: Middleton, Idaho Your Agents Name: Marc Warnke Trip Taken: Mountain goat with a "bonus" elk Hunt Date: Oct, 8th-14th "Joe knows goats". Joe is an intelligent guy that sizes you up and quickly is able to access your abilities and your expectations to place you with a guide and location within his unit that best fits the situation. We spent the … [Read more...]

Outfitter Report – Alaska hunting season 2014

Huge caribou

Wow, it's a pretty easy task to give review of our 2014 Alaska hunting season! On our spring hunts we didn't manage to find a bear to top our 2013 New SCI #1 World Record Grizzly Bear, but our hunters took two great 8-foot plus grizzlies. April 2013 SRL hunter Bob Steed took what has been officially recognized by Safari Club International as new #1 all-time record book grizzly … [Read more...]

Hunt Report – Mtn. Goat, British Columbia

Boone and Crocket Mountain Goat

This trip far exceeded my expectations! Marc put me on the best hunt I've been on! Tom the outfitter has an outstanding operation from all aspects. His guide Corey worked so hard to make my hunt successful. I would recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a goat hunt. Be in shape!!!! Your Name: Matt Bradshaw Your Location: California Your Agents Name: Marc Warnke Trip Taken: Mountain … [Read more...]

2014 Alaska Hunting Season Review

Alaska Brown bear hunting

Here's a rundown of the 2014 Alaska Hunting Season from our Alaska outfitter. Spring Brown Bear Hunts Last year we had a Spring bear hunt on the Alaska peninsula, and the weather was polar opposite from our last spring hunt two years ago. That year we had the coldest spring season with more snow than ever before, but this year it was hot, and I mean HOT! We had a full moon at night, and 80 … [Read more...]

VIDEO: “The Struggle” – 2014 Antelope Hunting


Archery antelope hunting this year gave Jess and Russ Meyer a tough time. They had some close calls and saw tons of speed goats. Hunting isn't easy but that is all a part of "The Struggle". Here is a short video from the season: As hunters, we've all been there, and sometimes our best seasons don't end with a notched tag. Tell us about your struggle. … [Read more...]

Red Stag Hunting Information

red stag hunting

Have you heard the roar of the red stag during the rut? Cervus elaphus a close cousin of the larger American Elk or Wapiti , Russian Maral, and Sika stag (Cervus nippon), red deer have been introduced around the world as “Exotics” from New Zealand to Texas and Kentucky; originating in Europe there are other large populations across the globe. The largest native herds with the best trophy quality ar … [Read more...]

North Carolina Record Book Deer

North Carolina record book deer

Davidson County, North Carolina man just took an enormous non-typical buck with his crossbow. This new North Carolina record book deer scores approximately 190", likely largest ever taken with archery equipment in North Carolina. Steven Davis, a North Carolina firefighter shot a monster non-typical buck last week with his crossbow after patterning it's feeding habit in a field for four days. … [Read more...]

Kenetrek breakthrough in boot technology

Everstep boots by Kenetrek

Kenetrek Launches EverStep Orthopedics A lot of our Kenetrek customers tell us about the support they receive from their boots, and how Kenetrek hikers and mountain boots feel "therapeutic"compared to their old boots. So when a physician came to us with an idea for an Orthopedic boot, we were intrigued. He had a lot of patients with foot and ankle pain who yearn to get active again, and … [Read more...]

Elk Decoy Setup Guide by Montana Decoy

Elk Decoy Setup Guide

by Montana Decoy Some great information on how to use an elk decoy by professional elk hunters, such as Fred Eicler. The post rut is my favorite time to decoy elk. Bulls seem to be a little more vocal and bugling to find that last cow in heat. This time of year, you can really pull them away from another cow." ~Jerry Mcpherson, Founder of Montana Decoy … [Read more...]

Black Gold / Kershaw Knives Giveaway


First, “LIKE” the pages below to qualify: Winner will be selected on Friday, September 19th at 10 PM MST. Multiple Entries allowed. Enter daily. Pro Guide Direct THEN, To enter, LIKE & SHARE this graphic: Winner will be selected on Friday, September 19th at 10 PM MST. Multiple Entries allowed. Enter daily. … [Read more...]

Grizzly Bear / Dall Sheep Alaska Combo Hunt

Alaska brown bear hunt

I started out as a little boy watching my dad leave for big game hunts year after year until I was old enough to go. I have always enjoyed hunting and being outdoors. A few years ago, a good friend of mine went on a successful dall sheep hunt. After hearing his stories and seeing his sheep mounted, I became very determined to hunt one myself. I got Marc's name from a friend, contacted him and … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Backcountry Elk Hunting

Spotted Elk

So you just booked your first archery elk hunt. You'll be hunting with an outfitter and now the questions have started to roll around in your head. The main one being -- What do I need to do to be prepared for backcountry elk hunting? That sparks more questions such as these: How good of shape do I need to be in; What equipment do I need; How far should I be prepared to shoot; What is an … [Read more...]

Black Death in the Limpopo

Cape buffalo with a bow

I stood there in momentary shock with the only words coming out of my mouth being the 4-letter variety (which if you know me, never happens). I couldn’t believe that had just happened. I have dreamed of hunting cape buffalo with a bow in Africa since I was 12 years old, and now here I was 28 years later standing in the tall grass of the Limpopo on my dream hunt for a trophy cape buffalo with m … [Read more...]

Wildlife ‘WikiLeaks’ targets poaching in Africa

poached rhino in Africa

Dar es Salaam (AFP) - Poachers slaughtering Africa's elephants and rhinos with impunity are often shielded from police by powerful connections, but a group of conservationists has turned to the anonymity of tip-offs to try to stem the killing. The founders of WildLeaks -- a sort of WikiLeaks for the environment -- say it is the first secure, online whistle-blowing platform dedicated to wildlife … [Read more...]

Alberta Free Range Bison Hunt

Wolf and bear tracks

This free range bison hunt is 100% Fair Chase, & Exportable Alberta, Canada which has several free ranging herds of trophy bison. These bison are not a 100% pure wood bison, which allows your cape and horns to be exported to the United States. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Wyoming Elk Hunting

Wyoming elk hunts

Wyoming Elk Hunting on Private Land Wyoming elk hunting on private ranches totaling nearly 1 million acres. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! … [Read more...]

Bowhunting for Elk in Idaho

Idaho Archery Elk Hunt

Bowhunting elk in Idaho during the rut is just plain fun! While bowhunting elk with this Idaho outfitter, you can expect to see huge herds and a large number of bulls every day. » BOOK YOUR HUNT! Archery hunters who get back from bowhunting elk with this outfitter often say they need to go on another vacation because their nerves are shot from all of the … [Read more...]

Utah Antelope Hunting Outfitter

Antelope hunting in Utah

Guaranteed Landowner Tags Are Available for this Utah Antelope Hunt Utah antelope hunting is a bit of a sleeper. This Outfitter offers an excellent trophy Utah antelope hunt on private land. Landowner tags are available. If you get lucky enough to draw your tag putting you on the right ranch with the right guy will be the easy part.  Antelope hunts can be a blast and they are a beautiful and … [Read more...]

A Conversation with an Anti Hunter

A conversation with an Anti hunter

We get hate mail and/or death threats from at the very minimum, one anti hunter daily. Usually, there is no need to respond as they are unreasonable, rude, and have no sense of irony. But check this one out. What do you think of our response? Dear Sirs I have just come across your blog and I am stunned to see that you are glorifying hunting sacred animals. It is of course all up to you and it … [Read more...]

Roosevelt Archery Elk Hunting in Oregon

Roosevelt Archery Elk Hunting in Oregon

Great Roosevelt Archery Elk Hunting with a Savvy Oregon Outfitter This outfitter has a wealth of knowledge about Roosevelt archery elk hunting in Oregon. Roosevelt elk live in a dark, lush, patchwork of old-growth timber, clearcuts, and reproduction forest (reprod) with a confusing maze of logging roads often ending in locked gates — along the Pacific Coast from California to British C … [Read more...]

Kershaw Taskmaster Saw Review


Watch Marc Warnke in this Kershaw Taskmaster Saw review. The Kershaw Taskmaster Saw is handy, light, sturdy, and sharp! A good, sturdy folding handsaw is something every hunter should have in his or her arsenal. If you already have one, you know how handy these things are. The Kershaw Taskmaster saw is a great choice for hunters, campers, and even backyard tasks. Whether you need it for … [Read more...]

Top 5 reasons to Hunt Whitetails in Idaho

Cody Barker with an Idaho whtietail

Whether we want to admit it or not, being that it is the home state to many on the O.I. Team, Idaho is a great opportunity to extend your season and put a monster whitetail on the ground. These are the top 5 reasons to let us set you up with a hunt for some stud whitetails in Idaho! 1. Differing terrain The terrain where whitetails in Idaho live varies greatly from rolling grain fields with … [Read more...]

Moose Subspecies in North Amercia

Moose Subspecies and Range in North Amercia

Moose in North America tend to be darker in color around their faces and legs than their European cousins and tend to weigh more in both body mass and antlers. Antlers of North American are more pal-mated than European moose as well. The four moose subspecies in North America are the Alaska-Yukon moose; the Canada moose; and the Shiras moose.    Alaska-Yukon Moose The Alaska Yukon … [Read more...]