Dreaming of Africa

kudu hunting in South Africa

Every now and then I have one of those nights that I just can't sleep because I'm dreaming of an African Hunting Safari. I really don't know why either, next week I am going on a coues deer hunt in southern Arizona. This is a really great hunt and I should be counting coues deer like sheep, but I just can't get Africa out of my head. The most incredible thing anyone could ever do is chase … [Read more...]

Over The Counter Hunting Tags in Arizona

Arizona mule deer hunt

Many hunters don't realize that Arizona hunts aren't all limited entry and hard to draw. There are some good over the counter hunting tags in Arizona. It's a little known fact that you can purchase over the counter hunting tags in Arizona for many big game species. You can make plans to experience Arizona’s great hunting much sooner than you think by taking advantage of the great over the c … [Read more...]

Hunting Preparation Will Help You Sleep the Night Before a Big Hunt

Do you have trouble sleeping before a big hunt?

I know we have all had trouble sleeping the night before a big hunting trip. It usually plays out like this; after you have done your hunting preparation and everything is packed and ready to go for the morning, and you finally get to bed. Then just as your head hits the pillow you think of something you forgot to pack, and or you keep going through your mental list making sure you don’t for get a … [Read more...]

Arizona Black Bear Hunting Facts

Hunting Arizona black bears in the Prickly Pears

Most hunters know all about the great deer and elk hunting found in Arizona but very few hunters realize that Arizona black bear hunting is VERY good. With a great population of record book size black bears, it is a good place to hunt. Arizona black bears tend to run slightly smaller in body size than their northern counterparts but what they may lack in body they make up for with skull size. … [Read more...]

Waiting on Taxidermists…. get used to it.

Africa mounts arrived from the taxidermist

Well last night was the night. After over a year my Africa plains game mounts finally arrived from the taxidermists. I was excited as a kid in a candy store. In this age of instant gratification we all want it now and my Africa Trophies were no exception. For those of you who have ever dealt with a taxidermist you know they march to a different drummer. You can’t rush an artist and good t … [Read more...]