Australia Water Buffalo Hunting

Water Buffalo are big and they are plentiful!

As Australia’s premier big game animal, the Water Buffalo deserves the highest level of respect when hunting. They are extremely tough and difficult to put down and are every bit as tough as the African Cape buffalo.

Archery water buffalo hunting in Australia

Bowhunting water buffalo in Australia is an adrenaline charged hunt for the adventurous hunter.

Buffalo charges can and do, occur! On average, our Australia Water Buffalo hunting Outfitter deals with at least one serious charge each year.

They live in wet, swampy, mud-wallow areas and come out to feed in nearby grasslands. This hunting concession combines a remote, privately owned 1,500 square mile cattle station as well as adjacent Aboriginal lands. This is a hunt that you will want to book at least a year in advance as this outfitter is in high demand.”

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Australia water buffalo huntingHunting Season
The best time to hunt Water buffalo in Australia is from Late May to October. The weather here is lovely. March, April and May is Fall with daytime highs averaging 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and the lows will be a comfortable 50 degrees. June, July and August is Winter with daytime highs in the 75 – 80 degree range and the nighttime lows averaging 45 degrees. September, October and November is Spring with daytime highs in the 85 – 90 degree range and the night time lows averaging 55 – 60 degrees.

Hunting Method
Generally hunting will be spot and stalk, however for bow hunters, or any hunter wishing to, there are tree stands and ground blind hunting available.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Weighing around 1,800 to 2,100 pounds, a mature Water Buffalo is aggressive and dangerous. The horns of a mature buffalo bull measure 38″ to 60″ wide tip to tip!

Other Opportunities
Other activities available in the Northern Territory are World Class Barramundi fishing; Helicopter sightseeing; Aboriginal Art and sacred relic viewing. There are numerous tourist and shopping destinations at the Top End.

*there are no fees for Dingo and Donkeys.

Travel is from specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles which all have a winch, satellite phone, GPS, first aid kit, and other necessary off road gear.

There are two hunting areas for water buffalo, one in Queensland, and one in the Northern Territories.

  • Water buffalo hunting in Queensland AustrailiaThe Hotspur Lodge in Queensland is a modern lodge with all the comforts of home, located on the Tropic of Capricorn, in Queensland, Australia. Non-hunters are welcome and will enjoy relaxing here. The Lodge is air conditioned with six comfortable bedrooms and three spacious bathrooms with hot showers and flushing toilets. There is also a large veranda around the lodge providing a great view, and you will enjoy the prolific bird life of the area. Laundry facilities and Internet access is also available.
  • Water buffalo hunting in the Northern TerritoryThe Northern Territory Lodge is a very comfortable with three bedrooms, air conditioning, hot showers, flushing toilets, and laundry facilities. Relaxing in the lodge or around the barbecue with a local Australian beer is always very nice after a day’s hunting. Hunting in the Northern Territory is usually done in May through September.

Lodging for water buffalo hunting Lodging for water buffalo hunting Lodging for water buffalo hunting

After the day’s hunt everyone can relax at the bar, the swimming pool, or our recreational area around the barbecue, with a plentiful selection of great Australian beers and wines. Meals are home cooked Australian style and prepared to your satisfaction.

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