Australia Banteng Hunting

For a unique hunt, you should try Australia banteng hunting

Australia Banteng Hunting
Banteng have haunted the forests of Australia’s Cobourg Peninsula since 1848.
This Premier Outfitter offers two, five day Australia banteng hunting packages:
Cobourg Peninsula banteng hunting; and Mary River banteng hunting.

Weighing around 1,100 pounds, a mature Banteng is very handsome. This exotic animal is extremely elusive and alert, and is a supreme challenge to the hunter. It is very rare, listed as endangered species in its native Indonesia. Only three outfitters are licensed to legally hunt this prized species in Australia.

Banteng live in the dense forest areas of the Cobourg Peninsula. Australia has the worlds’ only huntable population of Banteng. What an amazing animal!”

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What to expect when Australia banteng hunting

Australia Banteng huntingHunting Season
The best time to hunt Banteng is from May until September.

Hunting Method
Generally Australia banteng hunting will be spot and stalk, however for bow hunters, or any hunter wishing to, there are tree stands and ground blind hunting available.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Banteng are a very unique animal of the bovine species. They carry an impressive set of curved trophy horns, each measuring 18″- 25″ on a trophy bull. The diameters vary from 10″- 14″. Banteng make a beautiful trophy, with a mature bull being black in color with white rump markings and the lower half of the legs are also white.

Combo Opportunities
Additional game is available on a trophy fee basis. Species include Sambaar Deer; Javan Rusa Deer; Molacan Rusa Deer; Axis Deer; Hog Deer; and Blackbuck Antelope.

Travel, food and lodging for this hunt

Travel is from specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles which all have a winch, satellite phone, GPS, first aid kit, and other necessary off road gear.


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Accommodations on the Mary River Banteng Hunts
Modern lodge accommodations with all of the comforts of home. Cooked meals, full sized beds, hot and cold running water.

Accommodations on the Cobourg Peninsula Banteng Hunts
Hunting will be from an African style tented camp with amenities including cooked meals, hot and cold running water, toilets, full sized beds and generator operated electricity. *Air charter from Darwin and is not included in the price.

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Banteng huntingBanteng huntingBanteng hunting

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