Arizona Mule Deer Hunting on the Kaibab and Arizona Strip

Arizona Strip Unit 13B Mule Deer

Premier Arizona Mule Deer Units 12A West, 12A East, 12B, 13A & 13B

Trophy Arizona mule deer tags on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab can be extremely hard to come by. Our hunters rave about this outfitter and they always go home with a great trophy. If you are after a big mule deer, then this is the hunt for you. Start applying!
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If you are after a large, record-class deer and have the patience to apply for many years until receiving a tag, then this is the hunt for you. We will help you with the application process. ~Russ Meyer

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Arizona Strip Unit 13b GuidesHunting Season

Hunting Method
Glassing/Spot and Stalk

Opportunity Rates

Trophy Quality
Trophy quality on the Late Kaibab and Arizona Strip hunts is VERY good. Hunters can expect a 190″ deer on the Strip and 180″ on the Kaibab, but bucks scoring above 220″ are taken on these hunts every year.

Arizona mule deer hunting with Yavapai Outfitters
The Outfitter prefers his hunters to either fly to Las Vegas and rent a car to St. George, UT or fly into St. George. Once hunters arrive, he will arrange to pick you up and all transportation will be provided for the duration of the hunt and back to St. George.

Wall tent and travel trailers on the Strip. On the Kaibab the camp can either be a wall tent or a Hotel room.

Premier Late Arizona Mule Deer Hunting Units:

The Arizona Strip (13A or 13B) Our Outfitter believes that these two units are the best premier mule deer tags in Arizona. The hunt takes place in early November. It is a ten day season and you can expect to see a 190″+ buck with the potential for a true monster.

The sky is the limit on the Strip. The biggest buck we have gotten on this hunt was 229″

The density of deer is very low, but the quality is insane. Some days a deer may not even be spotted, but if a hunter is willing to spend all ten days hunting a good buck will be found. If this hunt intrigues you, start putting in. It sometimes takes up to 15 years to draw one of these tags. We will help you with the application process.

The Kaibab (12A West, 12A East or 12B) Expect to see a lot of deer on these hunts. This is a high density hunt. You’ll see lots of deer and lots of bucks. A buck scoring 180″ can be expected, but the potential for a giant is there as well. The late Kaibab hunt is a ton of fun. This tag is a little bit easier to draw than the Strip hunts. We will help you with the application process.

This Arizona Outfitter will spend countless days scouting and will go to the absolute extreme to provide you the trophy mule deer hunt of a lifetime.” ~Marc Warnke

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