Arizona Hunting Unit 12A-East

Arizona Hunting Unit 12 A East: Mule Deer | Merriam’s Turkey | Mountain Lion

Arizona Hunting Unit 12A EastMule deer hunting in Unit 12A-East on the Kaibab Plateau, is arguably the best trophy mule deer hunting anywhere. Hunters lucky enough to draw an East side Kaibab tag are in store for an incredible hunt. The premium late season rut hunts in Unit 12A-East have the highest success rates on big mule deer, but, lots of huge bucks have been taken in the early rifle and archery hunts.

12A-East can be tough to hunt. It is rough, thickly vegetated, wilderness country that requires a lot of glassing. During the late season, you should get high and glass the lower country. On the summer archery hunts, you should hunt in the higher forest country. Find water and be patient. Let us know if you draw an Arizona Hunting Unit 12A-East Mule Deer tag.

The Kaibab is home to the highest population of turkeys in Arizona Unit 12A-East is one of the best places in the state to hunt turkeys. Whether its the spring, fall, or archery seasons, turkey hunters will enjoy a quality turkey hunting experience on the Kaibab.

The Kaibab has a great population of mountain lions. Lion hunters will experience the highest success on mountains lions by using the services of a quality houndsman but cats are taken every year in unit 12A East by deer hunters. Arizona mountain lion tags are available over the counter and it is a good idea to have one in your pocket just in case you see one while hunting.



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