Arizona Coues Deer Hunting

Arizona Coues deer hunting with Dave Pereda of Yavapai OutfittersHunters that have taken all the species in the “deer slam” usually consider Coues deer hunting one of most rewarding hunting experiences they have ever had.

This is a glassing hunt, you will set up with good binos on a tripod and start picking the country apart. You will see A LOT of deer on all of these hunts. Once a good Coues buck is spotted, let the stalk begin. A fun, fun hunt… action packed.

The early archery hunts are a little bit different as you will be sitting in ground blinds on trails, or over water and/or salt. Success on all of these hunts is high no matter which weapon or season you choose. Opportunity rate is 100%. Get more information

If a guy wants to come on a fun hunt and see a lot of deer, you can’t beat an Arizona Coues deer hunt. You’ll see plenty of deer, and the trophy quality is great. An 80 -90″ buck is a very real possibility.”
~Cory Glauner

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Coues deer hunting in ArizonaHunting Seasons
August through the end of the year depending on the tag you draw and/or weapon you use. (see details above)

Hunting Method
Glassing / Spot and Stalk / Sitting blinds on trails, water and salt

Opportunity Rates

Trophy Quality
Trophy quality on these Arizona Coues deer hunts is VERY good. Hunters can expect to see 80-90″ class bucks. Coues deer above 100″ are taken in Arizona every year.

Coues deer distribution in ArizonaTravel
Once hunters arrive, he will arrange to pick you up and all transportation will be provided for the duration of the hunt and back.

Wall tent and travel trailers camps and hotels on these Coues deer hunts.

Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Seasons

Archery Coues Deer Hunts
Units: State-wide
Seasons: Mid-Aug. through mid-Sep. / Early-Dec. through Jan. 31
Archery coues deer hunting tags are Over the Counter (OTC). You will see LOTS of Coues deer on these hunts and the trophy quality is very good. You can expect to see 80-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer. The highest success rate of these two hunts is the early hunt as the deer are coming into water and salt, however grunting and rattling works well during the late season. Spot and stalking archery coues is very difficult but it can be done.

Rifle Coues Deer Hunts
Units: 34A, 34B, 35A, 35B, 36A, 36B, 36C
Seasons: Late-Oct. / Early-Nov. / Late-Nov. (7 day hunts)
Draw these hunts easy, if you don’t draw though, you can almost always pick up a leftover tag. You will see LOTS of Coues deer on these hunts and the trophy quality is very good. You can expect to see 80-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer.

Trophy Rifle Coues Deer Hunts
Units: 6A, 21, 22, 23, 24A, 24B, 31, 32, 33, 36A, 36B, 36C
Season: Early-Dec. through Dec. 31
This hunt is a little tougher to draw, but its a great hunt. Expect to see 90-100″ bucks on this hunt, but you might just see something that goes over the magic 110″ mark.

Muzzleloader Coues Deer Hunts
Units: 35A, 35B
Seasons: Mid-Dec. through Jan. 31
The draw odds on this hunt are around 20%. Any antlered Coues deer OR mule deer. High numbers of deer. You can expect to see 80-90″ inch bucks with the possibility of 100″+ Coues deer.

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