Arizona Black Bear Hunting Facts

Most hunters know all about the great deer and elk hunting found in Arizona but very few hunters realize that Arizona black bear hunting is VERY good. With a great population of record book size black bears, it is a good place to hunt.

Hunting Arizona black bears in the Prickly Pears
Most black bears in Arizona are color phased

Arizona black bears tend to run slightly smaller in body size than their northern counterparts but what they may lack in body they make up for with skull size. Most bear hunters ignore Arizona black bear hunting, leaving A LOT of record book bear hunting opportunities underutalized.

The terrain that you will be doing your Arizona black bear hunting in will surprise you. Many AZ black bears can be found in low desert country! Don’t let it fool you though. There are plenty of trophy sized bruins… and many of them are color phased.

Chocolate color phase Arizona black bear
Most black bear hunting in Arizona is done by spot and stalk.

It is illegal to bait for bears in Arizona, so the most effective bear hunting strategy is finding a food source and glass for a monster bear. Once you find a shooter, plan a stalk or try some predator calling…. which can get exciting.

If you are looking for a big colored bear, give Arizona a try.



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