Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts (Over the Counter Tags)

Over the Counter Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunts:

Late season archery mule deer hunts in Central and Southern Arizona. These over the counter “off season” mule deer hunts take place in December and January during the Arizona rut.

These archery mule deer hunts are conducted mid December through January during the peak of the rut. Because of the open terrain, expect archery shots to average 40 yards. The further you can shoot with a bow accurately, the higher your chances for success. The late season archery mule deer tags are over the counter. Hunting style is the spot and stalk method. Expect to do a lot of glassing and come with a good pair of binos. This is a very affordable and fun hunt, with a great outfitter. Get more information »

I’m very happy with my buck, but I’m definatly going to be selective on the next hunt here. Seems like a lot of great deer. Super fun to glass then up from a mile off then close the gap. I’m addicted to mule deer now!” ~Mark Bove’

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What to expect on this Arizona archery mule deer hunt

These hunts are either in Central Arizona or Southern Arizona in the desert. The Arizona desert sub-species of mule deer live in the foothills of Southern Arizona’s mountain ranges. These desert muleys are not typically as big as other mule deer. Many of the mature bucks harvested have had 20-25 inch spreads with 3 to 4 points per side. Densities of desert deer are not high, but on typical Arizona archery mule deer hunts, you should see 60+ deer with 5-15 bucks.

Over-the-counter Arizona archery mule deer tags during the rut.Hunting Season
December – January during the Arizona mule deer rut

Hunting Method
Archery mule deer hunts are typically done by glassing until you find a good buck and then spot-and-stalk.

Opportunity Rates
You will have a stalking opportunity on a mature deer.

Trophy Quality
You can expect an opportunity at an “average” 150-160″ buck, but every once in a while you will see a buck that will score 180-190″.

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

These mule deer hunts take place near Chino Valley, Wickenburg and/or Tuscon, Arizona.Travel
Once hunters arrive in Arizona, the Outfitter will arrange to pick you up and all transportation will be provided for the duration of the hunt.

(208) 941-2330

You will stay in Hotel rooms during this hunt.

Arizona late season mule deer hunting during the rut

A great off-season hunt for over the counter Arizona archery mule deer during the rut.”
~Cory Glauner

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