Arizona Archery Mule Deer on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab

Premier Arizona Mule Deer Units 12A West, 12A East, 12B, 13A & 13B

Arizona Archery Mule Deer on the Arizona Strip and KaibabMost of the trophy Arizona mule deer tags can be extremely hard to come by, but this archery tag on the Arizona Strip or Kaibab is a bit of an exception.

With this in mind our goal is to provide our hunters with the best Arizona Outfitter available when you finally do draw that Kaibab or Arizona Strip mule deer tag.

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If you would like to hunt the Arizona Strip or Kaibab for mule deer, but are frustrated by the low draw odds, then this is the hunt for you. Start applying!” ~Cory Glauner

Many magazine articles have been written about the trophy mule deer hunting on the Kaibab, and the Arizona Strip. The late season tags for the Kaibab or the Arizona Strip mule deer are very hard to draw, but once you do draw, the potential for tagging a “once-in-a-lifetime” mule deer buck is very good. If you are after a large, record-class deer and have the patience to apply for many years until receiving a tag, then this is the hunt for you. We will help you with the application process.

Archery hunting for mule deer on the Arizona Strip and the KiababHunting Season

Hunting Method
From blinds over water.

Opportunity Rates

Trophy Quality
Trophy quality on the Late Kaibab and Arizona Strip hunts is VERY good. Hunters can expect a 190″ deer on the Strip and 160-170″ on the Kaibab, but bucks scoring above 220″ are taken on these hunts every year.

The early Kaibab archery hunt is good because you will see alot of deer, it’s easy to draw and you might just see a whopper. If you can spend the time in a blind, you’ll get a good deer.” ~David Pereda

Premier Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunting Units:

The Arizona Strip (13A or 13B) Our Outfitter believes that these two units are the best premier mule deer tags in Arizona. The hunt takes place in August – September. With 20% chance of drawing, your chance of drawing is much better than the late rifle hunts. These hunts are done from blinds over water and if you hunt for 14 days, you can expect to see a 190″+ buck with the potential for a true monster. The density of deer is very low, but the quality is very, very good. We will help you with the application process.

The Kaibab (12A West, 12A East AND 12B) You’ll see lots of deer and lots of bucks on the Kaibab. A buck scoring 160″ can be expected, but the potential for a giant is there as well. Hunting will be over water on this hunt as well. Drawing odds are around 95% for this hunt. We will help you with the application process.

*if you draw a unit 12 Kaibab deer permit you can purchase an “Over The Counter” Buffalo tag to coincide with your hunt! Buffalo hunting in Arizona on the North Kaibab, one of only a couple of herds of Bison in the world that are recognized by Boone and Crockett and other record books as “Fair Chase!”

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Arizona mule deer hunting with Yavapai Outfitters
The Outfitter prefers his hunters to either fly to Las Vegas and rent a car to St. George, UT or fly into St. George. Once hunters arrive, he will arrange to pick you up and all transportation will be provided for the duration of the hunt and back to St. George.

(208) 941-2330

Wall tent and travel trailers on the Strip. On the Kaibab the camp can either be a wall tent or a Hotel room.

Arizona Archery Mule Deer on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab

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