VIDEO: “Friday the 13th” Archery Elk Hunting

After three years of hard elk hunting and only coming home with tag soup, Cory Glauner, Founder of finally broke his dry spell. He had to lower his standards as things had changed in his hunting area, but we’re sure it felt good to have some success.

“Growing up, September was the month I lived for. Elk hunting is just plain fun, and I’d gotten pretty spoiled with some awesome hunting. Over the years I have shot my fair shares of nice bulls, but things have changed… and three years of Tag Soup hadn’t gone down very easy for me. I wasn’t used to it and I didn’t like it very much.

I’d had opportunities at elk, but I had been holding out for mature bulls. My standards had risen over time, and last year I decided it was time to break that dry spell. Friday the 13th turned out to be my lucky day.” ~Cory Glauner

If you want to experience elk hunting for yourself, be sure to check out our hunts here.


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