Alaska Unguided Caribou Hunts

Unguided caribou hunts for trophy caribou in AlaskaUnguided caribou hunts in Northwest Alaska based out of Kotzebue.

Northwest Alaska is home to the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou, called the Western Arctic Herd, with a population of 500,000+ animals. Get more information

Alaska unguided caribou hunts provide a true remote arctic adventure. In addition to caribou, hunters regularly see moose, grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, dall sheep, wolverine, and musk ox. The vast and open tundra, virtually untouched by man adds to this true wilderness adventure. The key to a successful unguided hunt is to be dropped in front of the bulk of the moving herd. Because this outfitter is constantly moving hunters in and out of the area throughout the season, we have enjoyed a very high success rate over the years.

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Arial photograph of migrating caribou

The caribou migration is an amazing sight.

The camps are placed along the migration route, to ensure you of the highest success possible. Hunters can rest assured knowing they will be placed in areas that are productive. The average hunter will see 500 plus caribou on this hunt. Trophy class bulls are very common. The unique geographical features and pristine rivers provide spectacular scenery. You will be amazed at the “caribou trails” crossing the tundra – many of which have been used for hundreds of years.

*As a bonus on these unguided caribou hunts, you can add wolf hunting for no additional charge! The ptarmigan hunting can be incredible (bring a shotgun), and char and grayling fishing is also available. Get more information by filling out this form.

Our unguided caribou hunters have enjoyed tremendous success on this hunt over the years. Success rates on self guided hunts have ranged from a low of 89%, but most seasons at or near 100%. Our guided Alaska caribou hunts have always been at 100%. There is no other place in Alaska where you can find better odds in harvesting a trophy caribou.”
~The Outfitter

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Alaska caribou huntingHunting Season
-Early September through mid October

Hunting Method
Spot and Stalk from fly-in mobile camps placed along the caribou migration route.

Hunters are flown into the remote Arctic tundra, where your group will set up camp along the caribou migration route. From there you will conduct your fair chase spot and stalk hunt. If you’ve dreamed of a remote, fly-in, unguided, do-it-yourself adventure, at an affordable price – this is it! These Alaska unguided caribou hunts have no hidden costs. They include airport pickup/delivery, all food, tents, cots, camping equipment, transport of meat, cape(s) and antlers back to Kotzebue. The Outfitters’ logistical support and coordination assures your unguided trip will go as planned from start to finish.

Success Rates (on TWO bulls)
-92% in 2011
-96% in 2010
-97% in 2009
-98% in 2008
-93% in 2007
-98% in 2006
-100% in 2005

AlaskaTrophy Quality
Barren Ground Caribou hunting in Alaska has never been better! Two bulls per non-resident hunter. Trophy class bulls are very common on these unguided caribou hunts.

Overnight in Anchorage with an AM connecting flight #151 or #152 on Alaska Airlines to Kotzebue, Alaska, where your outfitter will meet you. Depart on flight #153.

Kotzebue is a small native village with a population around 3,000 people, which sits on the tip of the Hotham Peninsula on the shore of the Chukchi Sea, just north of the Arctic Circle.

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