Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report

Our Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting outfitter sent us his year end Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report:

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report
The Alaska Mountain Goat season is over and was 100% success.

Well, here’s my post season Alaska mountain goat hunt report: The vessel-based Alaska goat hunting season is over and we went 100% on big billies. We had hunters from all over the world, including: Italy, Hungary, and Norway. This year the hunting was very smooth and all of the goats were scouted and patterned before the hunts even began. These coastal goat hunts are a lot of fun.

This is one of the best, highest success mountain goat hunts available. Another perk is that you will be hunting out of a yacht…. that’s ridiculous, awesomely ridiculous. A hunt that we highly recommend.” ~Team OI

We did harvest the exact intended mountain goat for each of our hunters and as usual the actual goat hunting portion of each trip was but 1-2 days with the remainder of the hunt spent lounging on the yacht, black bear hunting, fishing, or sight seeing beautiful Prince William Sound. Weather was not bad with alternate rain and sun but nothing lingering for long.

Our prices for our mountain goat hunts next year remain unchanged and I expect to write a similar Alaska mountain goat hunt report next year. I’m fairly certain we will have 100% success for a long time to come as the mountain goat population is very strong and we have the routine perfected. And, by the way, this is an over-the-counter guaranteed mountain goat tag!

Get with us ASAP for a spot on the yacht for next year:



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