Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting – Vessel Based

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting - Vessel Based

Vessel-based mountain goat hunts in Alaska’s Prince William Sound

Alaska mountain goat hunting is the pinnacle of mountain hunting and the best deal in big game right now! Alaska is the only state in the U.S. with guaranteed mountain goat tags, so come get your long-haired billy!

This vessel-based hunt out of Valdez, Alaska, takes you to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world, the coastal mountains of Prince William Sound, where trophy quality mountain goats are plentiful.  What makes this goat hunt so special is the hair quality, the lack of elevation (usually 300-4400 ft) and the sheer number of quality billies.  Most of our clients harvest with only one day at higher elevations.

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“Trophy Mountain Goats in this area typically range between 8.5″-10.5″ with some record book Billies available. These Goats have hair quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the country! Most years, we enjoy 100% success.”

You can also combo mountain goat hunts with Sea Ducks & Divers such as; Harlequin, Scoters, Oldsquaw, Mergansers, & Goldeneye! Other combo options include; Black Bear, Sitka Blacktail Deer, & Silver Salmon. If you would like to discuss this hunt please inquire here.

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Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting Season
September – October, upon a Federal Special Use Permit.

Hunting Method
Goats are typically glassed above the treeline from the saltwater (usually from a skiff), then a stalk is formulated. It is rough, rugged, absolutely beautiful terrain. A 3,500′ + vertical climb is required in some situations, so physical fitness and leg / knee strength are requirements for success.

This is a 1×1, fully guided hunt.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Although this is a guaranteed “over-the-counter” tag, the mountain goat hunts in this unit are regulated by a limited quota registration so the hunter pressure is always low, which keeps the trophy quality high. Trophy mountain goats usually measure between 8.5″-10.5″ with some record book billies. These goats have hair quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the country! Success rates have been at 100% most years.

Chugach Mountains in Alaska
Most hunters fly to Anchorage, Alaska and then catch a flight to Valdez where the outfitter will meet you for your hunt.

Transportation and Accommodations
Transportation and accommodations for these mountain goat hunts are vessel based. The outfitters’ 48 ft. vessel is used as camp. Sleeping arrangements are bunk style, and there is a shower on board. Hunting will be done from one of two 18 ft. skiffs.

Available Game
Alaska mountain goat hunting can be combined with coastal black bear, Sitka blacktail deer, sea ducks, and fishing.

Miscellaneous Photos from this Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt


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