Alaska hunting season 2014

Wow, it’s a pretty easy task to give review of our 2014 Alaska hunting season!

On our spring hunts we didn’t manage to find a bear to top our 2013 New SCI #1 World Record Grizzly Bear, but our hunters took two great 8-foot plus grizzlies.

Bob Steed took what has been officially recognized by Safari Club Intl. as new #1 all-time record book grizzly bear

April 2013 SRL hunter Bob Steed took what has been officially recognized
by Safari Club International as new #1 all-time record book grizzly bear.

Summer included several 100+ fish per rod, per day days. August saw our 8 caribou hunters take 7 good bulls including a bull green scoring 458 2/8 B&C points.

Huge caribou

Phil Etter harvested magnificent 425+ B&C caribou on his 7 day 2×1 hunt

All 3 of our fall grizzly hunters took 8’+ bears and our 3 sheep hunts scored 3 full curl rams.

Alaska dall sheep hunt
Alaska brown bear hunt

Jeff Sinner took 37inch ram and 8 foot grizzly on a 14 day hunt with us August 14.

Hunters, guides, pilots & packers saw way more big bull moose that were not taken than my hunters took and my 12 moose hunters took 11 bulls averaging nearly 63”, 5 qualifying for SCI records and 2 scoring in excess of 225 B&C points. Was our best moose season in 20 years and we have always averaged above 80% success and 60” spread.

Justin Porters 71 inch moose

Justin Porter was with us for 1st time 2014 and is considering a
sheep hunt after taking this 71 inch 244 B&C point, 519 inch monster.

Based on 2014 success and quality animals spotted but not taken I look for 2015 season (especially regarding moose) to be equal or better success than 2014.

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