Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt

“The Hunt” if grizzly is the primary trophy on a Alaska combo hunt

Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt for Bears Squaring over 8 Feet
Grizzly populations are at all time high and hunter success for past five years has been 90% with average hide squaring over 8′. The majority qualifying for SCI and many B&C grizzlies as well.

Quality, ten day hunts in late August and a spring hunt that successfully killed the new world record in 2013. The spring hunt can produce HUGE bears that are just coming out of hibernation.
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Grizzly bear populations are at an all time high in Alaska’s Game Management #19. Unit #19 are considered “grizzly bears” by SCI and B&C considers a good portion of them grizzlies as well”

Alaska grizzly bear hunting
New World Record Grizzly Bear

What to expect on this Alaska grizzly bear hunt

Alaska Grizzly HuntsHunting Season
This Alaska grizzly bear hunt takes place in September and October.

Hunting Method
Hunters can expect to rise early and glass from camp, eat a hot breakfast, and then hike to a “look out” where they will glass all day or until a good bull is spotted. Once a good bear is spotted, a stalk is made to within 50 to 150 yards.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
Success rate over the years stands at about 90%. Our hunters on this hunt have consistently taken grizzlies with hides that will square 8′ with skulls between 23″ and 26″.

Hunts take place in rolling hills (alpine) areas with elevations between 500′ and 2,000′. Although not difficult, hunters should be comfortable with hiking two to five miles a day in hilly country.

Climate and Weather
Weather in Alaska is unpredictable. Be prepared and pack accordingly. You shouldn’t see any snow, but expect some rain & wind. Bugs are not usually an issue, but dope & headnets are provided when needed.

All trips are 1×1 with one hunter per spike camp unless the hunt was booked as 2×1.

License and tags are over the counter

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Stoney Point Alaska map
Unless otherwise requested or prearranged, the outfitter will arrange a flight between Anchorage, AK and the lodge a day prior to hunt and a day after hunt. All transportation to and from camps is provided by bush planes.

Very nice, remote base lodge that the hunters will arrive and depart from. Hunts will be in spike camps.

*All spike camps are equipped with a satellite phone and you can request a trip back to the lodge at any point during your hunt. This will usually require a day of hunting due to Alaska law stating that hunters cannot hunt on the same day as flying.

Lunch/trail food are carried by guide, hot meals in evening can be expected, hunters requests for particular types of food can usually be complied with.

Hunt Reports for this Outfitter:

  • Outfitter Report - Alaska hunting season 2014
    Wow, it's a pretty easy task to give review of our 2014 Alaska hunting season!
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I couldn’t believe in less than seven days I had harvested a dall sheep and a grizzly bear, it was a trip of a life time! I cant say enough about how impressed I was with this Outfitter. From the knowledge of the outdoors to how my made my time in camp with him very […]

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Alaska grizzly bear hunting


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