Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt – Chugach Mountains Unit

Start your Grand Slam with a Dall Sheep hunt!

This limited entry, trophy Alaska Dall sheep hunt takes place in the famed Chugach Mountains.

Alaska Chugach Mountain Sheep Hunting OutfittersThe Chugach Mountains Unit is a draw area for dall sheep, so hunters must apply by Dec. 31 to have a chance at this dall sheep hunt.

*The outfitter will handle your paperwork.
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“Alaska Dall sheep hunting in the Chugach Mountains recently went to a draw which was music to our ears! These Dall Sheep rams will now gain the age & mass to become giants! Both non-residents & residents alike must draw a sheep tag to hunt these areas, which creates a first class hunt for quality un-pressured rams.” ~The Outfitter

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Dall Sheep hunting in Alaska Chugach MountainsDall Sheep Hunting Season:
These sheep hunts take place August through September.

Hunting Method:
This is a spot and stalk dall sheep hunt from fly-in, back country spike camps. As a backpack hunt, you can cover a lot of ground with only minimal weight on your back. Physical fitness & leg/knee strength are a must, as you should expect to put a lot of miles on your feet in rugged mountain terrain searching for full curl Dall rams.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality:
If you are in good physical condition, your chances for success are excellent. Dall sheep rams typically range between 36″-39″, with trophy Dall sheep going 40″+.

This unit is the best area in the Chugach & all of Alaska as far as I am concerned! A real sleeper with better odds than the other famed areas such as 14C & the TOK.”

With the decline of quality Alaska Dall sheep hunting for trophy rams in most general season areas in Alaska, some hunters are focusing on the draw areas. We feel that the Chugach Mountains and the TOK Management Area hold the most trophy potential for your dall sheep hunt. Both non-residents & residents alike must draw a sheep tag to hunt these areas. Hunting the Chugach area offers our hunters a first class Alaska Dall sheep hunt for quality unpressured rams. There is no doubt that Chugach mountain sheep hunting is your best bet for harvesting a trophy ram that could possibly break the magic 170″ mark.

*If you just can’t wait out the draw & want to get your Ram NOW, then we can also arrange a quality over-the-counter hunt in the Alaska Range. These are guaranteed tags on an exclusive guide concession area. A booming dall sheep population combined with comfortable cabins in base camp, create a very unique opportunity for just a few select hunters annually!

Chugach Mountains in AlaskaTravel:
Most hunters fly to Valdez, Alaska where the outfitter will pick you up. Then you will fly to a remote spike camp in the back country in a Super Cub.

Make it a Combo Hunt:
This Dall sheep hunt can be combined with moose, grizzly bear and wolf.