Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunts

These vessel-based coastal black bear hunts are based from a live-in, luxury yacht.

Coastal Bear Hunting in Alaska
Vessel-based, Coastal Black Bear
These Alaska trophy black bear hunts are conducted in Prince William Sound in Alaska Unit 6 where the rugged Chugach Mountains meet the saltwater.

You’ll be hunting big salmon-fed bears just coming out of hibernation in an area that has one of the highest bear populations in Alaska and they typically square between 6-7 feet. These black bears have the best hair quality on the planet, and a few record book black bears are taken every year. Large boars with perfect hides are the norm.

A bonus on this trip is the fishing, waterfowl hunting and blacktail deer hunting. This outfitter only takes three groups per year on this hunt, and they are in the spring when the weather is nicest. This is a quality, fun hunt for a trophy-sized bear.

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These big salmon-fed Bears are just coming out of hibernation & have some of the best hide quality anywhere on the planet. Cruising the coastal shorelines and glassing the tidal flats produce plenty of stalking opportunities. This area has one of the highest Bear populations in the state.”

This hunting video will give you a little taste of these Alaska Coastal Black Bear Hunts.

This is one of our best outfitters with an outstanding track record with our clients.

  • Consistently takes Big 6-7 Foot Black Bears
  • 95-100% success year after year
  • Offering both Spring and Fall Hunts
  • Coastal Spot and Stalk Hunting
  • Hunt from a Luxury Yaught
  • Our clients rave about this hunt

Alaska Vessel Based Black Bear HuntingThe hunting is almost what you would consider…. luxury.

Wake up before light and glass the surrounding bay where the boat is anchored, eat breakfast, pack sack lunch, and get out on the skiffs to beach comb for bears. Come back for hot lunch and move boat if necessary, or repeat.

Big boat moves will be done mid day. Bears are usually spotted from skiffs out in the bays. Once a good bear is spotted, you and your guide will stalk into range.

  • Success rates on these black bear hunts have been 95-100% every year.
  • Trophy quality is very good. Big 6-7 foot bears with beautiful, perfect coats are the norm.

Sitka blacktailFall coastal black bear hunts can be combined with Sitka Blacktail Deer, Sea Ducks, and Silver Salmon.

This is how an Alaska black bear hunting trip should be! Cruising the coastal shorelines in a boar and glassing the tidal flats produce plenty of spot and stalk opportunities.”

Alaska vessel based black bear huntAlaska Black Bear Hunting Season:
These Alaska vessel-based, coastal black bear hunts take place May through June in the spring, and September in the fall.

License and Tags:
Black bear tags and Alaska hunting licenses are over the counter. You can purchase them online prior to your trip or once you get there with the help of your guide or outfitter.

An incredible hunt. Cruise the coastal shorelines and glass the tidal flats for bears. This is an awesome bowhunting opportunity as well.” -Marc Warnke

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Alaska map Hunting mountain goatTravel
Most hunters fly to Anchorage, Alaska and then catch a flight to Valdez where the outfitter will meet you for your hunt.


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Hunt in Style from the Outfitters’ Yacht:
Transportation and accommodations for these coastal black bear hunts are based out of the outfitters’ boat. Skiffs are 20’ and the boat is 53 x 17. Sleeping arrangements are bunk style, and there is a shower on board. The meals are just basic home cooking, but if you tell the Outfitter prior to your hunt what you prefer, he will get what you request within reason. Expect to eat lots and lots of fresh seafood such as Halibut, Rockfish, and Shrimp that you catch during your trip.

castaways wholeboat

Expect to eat lots and lots of fresh seafood such as Halibut, Rockfish, and Shrimp that you catch during your trip.

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Hunt Reports from clients who’ve hunted with this outfitter:
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  • I've been on a lot of hunts over the past years, and can honestly say this one of my best trips to date! With animals in every direction, the hardest decision was figuring out which Goat we were going after.
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