Alaska Caribou Hunting

Alaska caribou hunting outfitterWorld-class Alaska caribou hunting based out of Kotzebue, Alaska. Northwest Alaska is home to the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou, called the Western Arctic Herd, with a population of 500,000 animals. Guided caribou hunts have been close to 100% for the past few years. There is no other place in Alaska where you can find better odds in harvesting a trophy caribou.

Alaska caribou hunting provides a true remote arctic adventure. The ancient “caribou trails” crossing the tundra have been used for hundreds of years, and hunters sometimes also see moose, grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, Dall sheep, wolverine, and musk ox. The migration is a finicky thing where timing makes all the difference. Lucky hunters will see between 500-1000 caribou during their hunt where unlucky hunters may work hard to see 50 and that’s just what goes along with hunting the migration.

Caribou MigrationThis fully guided caribou hunt is for hunters looking for that extra edge in finding a trophy caribou, and prefer to have help with all the work that Alaska caribou hunting entails. Guided caribou hunts are much easier as your guide and packer will do all of the skinning, packing, prepping the hide/cape, cooking and camp chores; allowing you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful arctic scenery and wildlife.

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Alaska caribou hunting

Our success is unmatched. Caribou hunters have enjoyed tremendous success on this hunt over the years.Our success on our unguided caribou hunt has ranged from a low of 89% with most seasons at or near 100%. Guided caribou hunts have been at 100%. There is no other place in Alaska where you can find better odds in harvesting a trophy caribou.”
~The Outfitter

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Alaska caribou huntingHunting Season
-August through September: Typically the caribou begin to shed their velvet the last week of August, with the larger bulls shedding first. During the remainder of the season, caribou will be hard horned.

Hunting Method
-Hunting days will be spent glassing the mountains for caribou, moose, wolves and grizzly bear. Good binoculars are a must. The main guided caribou camp is ideally located on top of a long ridge; caribou migrating through this area often pass right by camp. This location has produced many record book caribou over the years as well as many grizzly bear and wolf. It is also a great location for someone who cannot get around well.

Success Rates
-At or near 100%

AlaskaTrophy Quality
-Trophy class bulls are very common

Overnight in Anchorage with an AM connecting flight #151 or #152 on Alaska Airlines to Kotzebue, Alaska, where your outfitter will meet you. Depart on flight #153.


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        It's an unguided hunt at $3150, two caribou, flights, and everything you need except your clothes and weapon. Awesome bang for the buck. (pun intended)