Alaska Caribou Hunting in the Brooks Range

Alaska Caribou Hunting in the Brooks Range

Fully Customizable Brooks Range Caribou Hunting

Alaska hunting for caribou in the Brooks Range for trophy caribou. You can combo caribou hunting with a grizzly, and we also suggest that you purchase a wolf tag.

Choosing the right location and Alaska hunting Outfitter is the most important part of Brooks range caribou hunting. This outfitter is constantly flying his area during the season and is able to put hunters down in a area that has a plentiful supply of shooter bulls. Since the outfitter is a pilot, it makes things nice and affordable. His crew of guides are top notch and we feel honored to be able to send our clients on this quality trip. Get more information »

Russ Meyer in Alaska hunting Arctic grizzly and Brooks Range caribou hunting

What we provide on our Brooks Range caribou hunting trips is personal service, experience to ensure that every hunter is treated with courtesy and respect. Our fully customizable caribou hunting trips offer a wide range of services to suit every client’s needs.

Alaska Caribou Hunting in the Brooks Range

What you should expect when Alaska Caribou Hunting

Alaska brooks range caribou huntingAlaska Hunting Season for Brooks Range Caribou Hunting
Caribou hunting season runs from August 2nd through September 20th. This is the most consistent caribou herd, and they always arrive like clockwork on August 1st or 2nd.

Caribou Hunting Method
You will hunt hard from camp on foot spot-and-stalk style. Expect to put in long days and see lots of caribou. Tundra is difficult to walk in. Arrive in good shape.

Success Rates and Trophy Quality
The secret to success for Brooks Range caribou hunting is location, location, location! Caribou herds are tracked daily by air and this information is passed on to the guides. 300″+ bulls are definitely possible on this hunt if the hunter is willing to pass on smaller bulls. Success rate on this Alaska hunting trip is at 95%, opportunity rates are 98%. It is important to stay mobile on this hunt so you can intercept a herd as it moves.

Combo Opportunities
While you are spot and stalk hunting for trophy caribou, it isn’t uncommon to spot an arctic grizzly… We also recommend that you purchase a wolf tag as well. 

This Alaska hunting Outfitter guides caribou hunting in over 2,000 square miles bordering Gates of the Arctic National Park. The Brooks Range is recognized as one of the most productive caribou hunting areas in all of Alaska.”

Travel, Food, and Lodging information for this hunt

Map of the Brooks range in AlaskaTravel to the Brooks Range
Fly into Fairbanks Alaska and overnight at the Alpine lodge. The next morning, you will take a shuttle to Wrights Air Service for a flight to Anaktuvuk Pass where the Outfitter will pick you up in his Super Cub with tundra tires and fly you to camp.
Bush plane Tundra tires Picking up hunters Flying in

The Brooks Range in Alaska… a huge expanse of tundra where herds of over a half-million caribou practice their annual migration.”

Spike camp
Spike Camp in the Brooks Range for Caribou and Grizzlies
Lodging and Food
The main camp has power and hot running water, but hunts are usually from spike camps so every hunter has the best chance of success. Spike camps consist of 4-6 man tents with cots and sleeping pads. Meals are either freeze dried or home cooked meals depending on the circumstances.
Tent camp The kitchen

Hunt Reports:

  • Alaska Caribou Hunt
    It was a good hunt, but the guide should carry a gun for protection. Lots of bears. I couldn't understand that....
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  • Tommy-Hairtrigger-arctic-grizzlystars5
    Jared Griffith
    Russ my miracle worker put together the ultimate Grizzly hunt for me. The guide I had, Rick took it from there, and helped me fulfill a life long dream. Russ and Rick tag teamed this so perfect, I couldn’t think of a better hunt ever!
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  • Outfitter Report - 2014 Alaska Hunting Season Review
    Grizzly bear season was great, with the first two hunters each bagging a nice bear the first day of their hunt. We had a total of six one day bear hunts.
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Best Day of my life ……Keep um comin… Thanks Russ ~Jared

“Russ, I wanted to let you know I had a successful and exciting caribou hunt [you helped me book] in the Brooks Range. The time spent on the phone with you discussing what I was looking for in a hunt and my level of experience was very helpful, and your guidance and recommendations proved to […]

Russ my miracle worker put together the ultimate Grizzly hunt for me. The guide I had, Rick took it from there, and helped me fulfill a life long dream. Russ and Rick tag teamed this so perfect, I couldn’t think of a better hunt ever! Read the rest of the hunt report here. Jared Griffin […]

Got back early from my hunt in Alaska w/Arctic North Guides. What a hunt. Had a blast. Amazingly my guide was the same guy that was attacked by a grizzly last year…and we hunted out of the same camp. Learn more about this hunt here. Ken W Bloxom

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