Mozambique Tented Safari – A Classic, Traditional African Safari

This is a classic African tented safari in Mozambique.

Mozambique tented safariThe Zambeze Delta of Mozambique has some of the most diverse habitat and game species found in all of Africa.

A tented safari will make you feel like you are hunting 100 years ago. The variety of plains game you will see on this Mozambique hunt will amaze you.  Get more information

Cape buffalo live in the flood plains and swamps in herds of several hundred. Sable in huge herds often nearing 100. Four distinct types of habitat including: sand forests; tropical savannah; swamps; and floodplains make the Zambeze Delta of Mozambique totally unique.”

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Enjoy your hunt in a tented fly camp with all that is needed to make your safari a classic adventure!

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Traditional Tented SafariHunting Area:
This is one of the most pristine hunting concessions in Africa. The concessions cover 5,000 square kilometers, and are situated in the central part of Coastal Mozambique. With 22 hunt-able plains game and dangerous game species, this is a remarkable place to hunt.

Hunting Season in Mozambique:
Best hunting for a tented safaris in Mozambique is during the winter, which is between April and September.

Available Plains Game and Dangerous Game Species:
There are 22 different species of game that can be hunted on this classic tented safari including: elephant; lion; leopard; cape buffalo; hippo; sable; nyala; Chobe bushbuck; reedbuck; Lichtensteins hartebeest; baboon; bushpig; warthog; oribi; Livingstone’s suni; red duiker; blue duiker; eland; crocodile; hyena; waterbuck; impala; kudu; grey duiker; grysbok; and Selous zebra.

Tented Safari Accommodations:
Tented Safari Hunting Camp
There are three camps available. Two of them are traditional East African tented safari camps. They include hot and cold running water, and each can accommodate two people per room. They are supplied with solar power with a generator backup. Hunt right out of camp.


This is one of the few places in Africa where you can still do a classic, traditional tented safari.

Travel to the Zambezi Delta:
Hunters fly into Beira International Airport and then take a short charter to the hunting area.

Non-Hunter Activities in Mozambique
Mozambique has been developing as a tourist destination since 1990. This PH has two beach-front houses and a deep-sea fishing boat. This is also a great area for diving, snorkeling, and exploring.

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