Accidental Mountain Lion Hunter

I didn’t anticipate that on this trip I would become an accidental mountain lion hunter…

On the third day of my November Idaho wilderness mule deer hunt, we were working our way to a glassing point when below us elk started to bark all around us. We sat down to see if we could glass up the elk and hopefully find a bull because I also had an elk tag in my pocket.

My guide cow called and they answered back almost immediately. After glassing for a few minutes he say’s “there’s a mountain lion”… it just laid down, perfect!”. It took a while for him to show me where the big cat was. Once I had found him, we ranged it at 591 yards through a window in the pines, behind a downed log… and that’s how I became an accidental mountain lion hunter.

Here is the result of me becoming a mountain lion hunter
Spot and Stalk Idaho Mountain Lion

The guide asks, “Ya want a Lion?“, and I was like “Heck yes but that’s a long ways!”

“That’s ok, if you miss we’ll just keep elk hunting. Take your time & squeeze one off whenever you’re ready,” he said.

At the recoil I think to myself, that felt good, and the twackkkk…….. sounded good too!”

You got him, holy $*#t! what a shot!” ect, ect, ect… It was pretty exciting. Through the glass my guide saw the lion slowly roll, tail up then the white belly, then rolls 2 more times down hill and out of sight.

In Idaho the mountain lion season is open, and you can use a mule deer tag as a lion tag. My cat turned out to be a big tom that measured 7′ long with a 14″ skull. We estimated his weight at around 150 lb. He was in great shape with a thick layer of fat.

I didn’t get a Muley buck but I did get a Muley eater. And that was good enough for me. I hope everyone has had a great hunting season. Outdoors International did a great job setting me up with the trip of a lifetime.


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