Russ Meyer

Co-Owner, Hunting Consultant

Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer is a man of faith who has been blessed with a wonderful family and a huge passion for the outdoors.

He has been fortunate to have bowhunted the hills of Idaho, twelve other lower 48 states, Alaska, three provinces of Canada, Africa and Kyrgyzstan. His “bucket list” will never be full as he always looks forward to next season and a new adventure. As a co-owner at Outdoors International, Russ Meyer takes your hunting very seriously. He appreciates the friendships and the opportunity to help someone’s dream hunt become a reality. He always looks forward to the stories and photos, too. With over 30 years experience big game hunting, he’s excited to help in any way.

I appreciate the friendships and the opportunity to help your dream hunt become a reality. I always look forward to your hunting stories and photos, too.”

Russ’ hunts have been featured in Idaho Hunter and Bowhunter magazines, as well as the Full Draw Film Tour, TV series Behind the Rack and the Lowland Mulies 3 DVD. He currently serves on the Hoyt Bowhunting, Carter Enterprises and Elk 101 Pro Staff.

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Russ Meyer’s Blog


    They Grow ‘em Pretty Big in Arizona

    The 2013 application deadline for an Arizona archery elk tag was rapidly approaching and I found myself in a dilemma. I had stopped applying in 2008… I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do. My original plan was to chase a top unit … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast # 2 – Hunting with Kids

    After a particularly gut wrenching turkey hunt with his son, Marc and Russ discuss how hard it is to be patient and not expect too much from our kids as we take them out hunting. Hunting with kids is tough, but the rewards are … [Read More...]

    Russ Meyer with his 2014 OTC Archery Arizona Mule Deer

    VIDEO: Last Minute Arizona Muley

    I couldn't help but notice the skies as the buck we’d been working the previous ten hours slipped out the bottom of the canyon. The clouds were in such-a-way, I knew we were in for an amazing show. We set up the cameras and did o … [Read More...]

    Russ Meyer with his BC Black Bear

    Russ Meyer’s Archery BC Black Bear

    In 1988 I took my first big game animal with a bow. I was sitting over a bait in central Idaho when, to my surprise, a bear slipped over the ridge and was soon standing at fifteen yards, offering me a perfect shot. Can you say … [Read More...]

    Marc Cory and Russ elk

    VIDEO: Magical Morning in the Elk Woods

    September 2011 Bowhunting for elk often comes down to one magical morning. Bowhunting for elk here in Idaho is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception. We (Marc, Cory, Russ and … [Read More...]

Russ Meyer’s Videos

Late Season Mule Deer – 2014 Full Draw Film Tour Piece

Spring Bear Hunting with Friends and Family

Arizona Mule Deer

Archery Antelope in Nebraska

Alaska Archery Grizzly and Caribou

Archery Elk Hunt

Archery Elk Webisode #7 Webisode #1

Got Hunts? We do.

Russ Specializes in these hunts:

These aren’t the only hunts that Russ can help you with, but he knows these hunts inside-out.

*if you don’t see a hunt here that interests you, be sure to contact us so we can help you find one.

    Start Planning Your Hunt

    Start Planning Your Hunt

Check out a few of Russ’s photos:
Russ Meyer Texas PigRuss Meyer Texas AoudadRuss Meyer Alaska MooseRuss Meyer 2014 ElkRuss Meyer Arizona Mule DeerRuss-Meyer-ZebraRuss-Meyer-Wildebeest1267291_602316216486767_436510776_oRuss Meyer Russ-Deer-2012Jess's-deer-2012-072Jess's-deer-2012-058Jess's-deer-2012-028Jess's-deer-2012-051Russ-elk-2012-018Russ Meyer bearRuss Meyer big bearRuss Meyer caribouRuss-Meyer-Mule-DeerRuss-Meyer-archery-Alaska-caribouruss-meyer-coyoteRuss-Meyer-whitetail-973x1024Russ-Meyer-Shooting-his-bowRuss Meyer Caribou-huntRuss Meyer antelopeRuss-Meyer-muleyRuss-Meyer-MooseRuss-Meyer-Idaho-Bear-1024x831Russ-Meyer-Caribou-huntRuss-Meyer-bowhunting-black-bear-816x1024Russ-meyer-black-bearRuss-Meyer-Archery-Bear-1024x824Russ-Meyer-2009-idaho-bullRuss-Meyer-2003-idaho-bull1-1024x724Russ-Meyer-2003-archery-black-bearRuss-Meyer-2001-idaho-bullRuss-Meyer-2000-idaho-bull-1024x693Russ-Meyer-1992-idaho-bullRuss-archery-black-bearRuss-archery-antelopeRuss-turkeyRuss Meyer whitetailRuss Meyer turkeyRuss Meyer mountain lionRuss Meyer Late Season Mule DeerRuss Meyer late deerRuss Meyer kip-russ-bikesRuss Meyer elkRuss Meyer elk horsesRuss Meyer elk 3Russ Meyer elk 2Russ Meyer ducksRuss Meyer coyoteRuss Meyer caribou 2Russ Meyer campRuss Meyer bc bearRuss Meyer antelope huntingRuss Meyer antelope huntRuss Meyer antelope 2Russ Meyer (17)Russ Meyer (16)Russ Meyer (15)Russ Meyer (14)Russ Meyer (13)Russ Meyer (12)Russ Meyer (11)Russ Meyer (10)Russ Meyer (9)Russ Meyer (8)Russ Meyer (7)Russ Meyer (6)Russ Meyer (5)Russ Meyer (4)Russ Meyer (3)Russ Meyer (2)Russ Meyer (1)Russ deerrolling-the-four-wheeler russNice-bear Russ MeyerMuley-Russ MeyerMule-Deer-Russ MeyerLate-season-mule-deer Russ MeyerJess-Muskrat Russ Meyerjan-26-th-quil-limit-1024x768Russ Meyeridaho-antelopeRuss Meyerhunting-with-the-boys Russ MeyerDuck-hunting Russ MeyerCopy-of-hunting-012 Russ MeyerCopy-of-deer-2-03 Russ MeyerCalifornia-pig-hunting Russ MeyerCalifornia-hog Russ MeyerBritish-Columbia-black-bear Russ Meyerbowhunting-for-turkeys Russ Meyerblack-bear-Russ MeyerBlack-bear-hunting-in-Idaho Russ MeyerAntelope-hunting-with-a-bow Russ MeyerAntelope-hunting Russ MeyerA-boy-and-his-dog Russ Meyer2014 AZ Buck2009-goat Russ Meyer2008-late-39 Russ Meyer2008-idaho-late-season-bull Russ Meyer2008-goat Russ Meyer2008-early-Owyhee Russ Meyer2008-double Russ Meyer2008-2nd-bear Russ Meyer2007-goat Russ Meyer2006-goat Russ Meyer2005-idaho-bull Russ Meyer2004-wyoming-bull-Russ Meyer2004-idaho-bull Russ Meyer2002-idaho-bull Russ Meyer1999-idaho-elk Russ Meyer1997-idaho-bull Russ Meyer1995-idaho-bull Russ Meyer1993-idaho-bull Russ Meyer

    Start Planning Your Hunt