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Marc Warnke was on the cover of the Sept-Oct 2007 Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal

Marc Warnke is a hunting consultant, family man, avid bow hunter, mule deer fanatic, fly fisherman and best selling author. He has been able to hunt and fish the world and most of his young life was spent as a “hunting and fishing bum.”

With multiple 200″+ muleys and a multitude of other species with his bow, Marc has had global hunting experience with outfitters in Canada, Africa and New Zealand to name a few and understands what makes a quality hunt.

Marc has graced the covers of Eastman’s Bowhunting and Trophy Hunter, has had written articles for the The Hunt’n Fool and The Mule Deer Foundation Magazine.
Marc Warnke was on the cover of the Winter 2002 Trophy Hunter Magazine Marc Warnke was featured in the March 2007 issue of The Huntin' Fool Marc Warnke was featured in the July/August issue of the Mule Deer Foundation Magazine

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Marc Warnke’s Blog

    Backc ountry food

    Podcast #18 – Steve Speck, DIY Hunting

    Steve Speck is the owner of S and S Archery as well as the inventor of Solid Broadheads and Exo Moutain Gear packs. Steve is a brilliant back country hunting guru who's ideas on weight saving on a back country hunt take DIY … [Read More...]


    VIDEO: Jaken Warnke Texas Hunt

    Watch as Outdoors International owner Marc Warnke takes his seven year old son Jaken on his first youth hunt in South Texas for a management whitetail. Then, they head over to the Texas Hill Country for an exotic hunt where Jaken … [Read More...]

    Elk hunting video

    VIDEO: Elk Hunting is a Sacred Act

    Outdoors International Hunting Videos: Episode 5 | Season 4 As Elk Hunters, We Are Blessed.... Even When We Fail. For most hunters, elk hunting is so much more than just meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. It's … [Read More...]

    Guaranteed Tags

    Drawing Tags vs. Guaranteed Tags

    The intent of this post is to present the pros and cons of the "accumulate points, draw a tag, and then find an outfitter system" versus the "get a guaranteed tag along with your guided hunt system." Let's first clarify one … [Read More...]

    Train to hunt podcast

    OI Podcast #14 – Train To Hunt

    In this podcast Marc catches back up with Kenton Clairmont of Train to Hunt and they discuss Kenton's hunts from this year, wilderness nutrition, a discussion recalling this last years national competition and what is coming up in … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #13 – Trevon Stoltzfus

    In this podcast Marc Warnke interviews Trevon Stoltafus of Outback Outdoors. They speak in depth about how Trevon got into the outdoor business; the time he spent at Eastmans Hunting Journal, what he learned from being Cameron … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #12 – Corey Jacobsen

    In this podcast you will hear from Seven-Time World Elk Calling Champion and Founder of Extreme Elk Magazine, Corey Jacobsen, on his best elk calling strategies and tips. He discusses the following elk hunting topics: location … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #11 – Ralph and Vicki

    Ralph & Vicki 'America's Favorite Hunting Couple' and hosts of the television shows - ARCHER'S CHOICE and THE CHOICE! Golden Moose Awards - multiple nominations & awards. Bowhunting World Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best … [Read More...]

    Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quivers

    OI Podcast #10 – Joe Jacks, TightSpot

    After 5 years as the assistant manager at Schnee’s Joe Jacks was looking for something new. He started a new career as a real estate agent and sold real estate for 5 years. When the market to a turn for the worse, he decided it w … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #9 – Shad Wheeler

    Shad Wheeler is a hunting consultant at Outdoors International with a personal specialty in high elevation hunting in the Rocky Mountain West. He has been on the cover of Eastmans Hunting Journal with his World Record P&Y Mountain … [Read More...]

    Justin Sparks

    OI Podcast #8 – Justin Sparks

    Justin Sparks is one of the most knowledgeable gear guys in the industry. He knows the detail of what makes gear effective and long lasting. He's a hard core archery elk hunter raised in Idaho, and a true gear junkie. In … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #6 – Jason Montagna

    Shooting precision weapons is something that has been a life's passion for Jason Montagna. He's gone from being in the Special Forces to a well respected member of the marketing arm for "big pharma" but has now found a home in his … [Read More...]

    TAG BAGS synthetic game bags

    T.A.G. Bags Game Bags Review

    I have now used my T.A.G. Bags synthetic game bags to pack out two elk. I'm a fan! They are light, strong, easy to clean and do everything they are advertised to do. Because their brilliance is in their simplicity it won't take … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast #5 – Butch Whiting of Kryptek

    Butch Whiting is an American Hero. He also happens to be one of the owners of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Butch's dream, while in the muck of the Middle East, fighting for us...was to be back home in the states hunting. He and his … [Read More...]

    Things you lshould know before booking a moose hunt

    Things To Know Before Booking a Moose Hunt

    If you haven't hunted in Alaska or in a tundra environment, you should know before booking a moose hunt, there are a few things to consider. First off, there seems to be a trend going right now on float hunts. Just know that … [Read More...]


    How To Resole Your Kenetrek Boots

    I recently sent in my Kenetrek Moutain Extreme boots to be resoled and repaired after two pounding seasons in the mountains. By my estimations I’m have at least 300-400 miles in my boots in mostly VERY steep, often rocky, t … [Read More...]


    OI Podcast # 2 – Hunting with Kids

    After a particularly gut wrenching turkey hunt with his son, Marc and Russ discuss how hard it is to be patient and not expect too much from our kids as we take them out hunting. Hunting with kids is tough, but the rewards are … [Read More...]

    Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey of Skull Bound

    OI Podcast #1 – Jana Waller of Skullbound

    In this podcast, Jim and Jana discuss how they met, how Skull Bound was started, conservation, the "wolf issue" in the West, the military, family, and the blessing of having a partner who shares the love of hunting. Download … [Read More...]


    VIDEO: Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads

    This sheep hunting video was taken on a very special free range aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch in West Texas. Located near Marfa, Texas in the famed Davis Mountains, there are VERY high numbers of good rams on this place, in … [Read More...]


    A guide to booking a good muley hunt

    A Muley out west is one of the most in demand critters in the hunting world. It's a supply and demand thing, especially if you are talking 170"+ muley hunt. The following states and areas are some of my favorites because … [Read More...]

    Marc Warnke 2012 Idaho Elk

    Elk Hunting During the Rut is Cool!

    Elk hunting during the rut is the best hunt in the world. I know that is a matter of my personal opinion but I stand behind it. No other big game species can provide the rush of high action, close encounters like bulls in the … [Read More...]


    High Fence Elk Hunts. Are they for you?

    Trying to get your chance at a bull elk over 350 without waiting the years in takes to draw the "right" tag can be a VERY expensive and time consuming venture. A solution to that issue, if cost is a concern, is to hunt big … [Read More...]

    Marc Warnke aoudad Hunt

    Top 10 Things to Know for Aoudad Hunting

    Ten important things to consider before you go Aoudad hunting. Temperatures: Even though you are most likely aoudad hunting in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, the morning temps will be cold and likely windy. You need a … [Read More...]

    Marc Warnke 2012 Idaho Elk

    Archery Elk Hunting Tips

    Archery Elk Hunting Tips As a life long hunting bum and a hunting consultant, I have gotten a chance to hunt in some amazing places for some even more amazing animals. Out of all my experiences still the coolest hunt exists … [Read More...]

    Marc Cory and Russ elk

    VIDEO: Magical Morning in the Elk Woods

    September 2011 Bowhunting for elk often comes down to one magical morning. Bowhunting for elk here in Idaho is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception. We (Marc, Cory, Russ and … [Read More...]

    Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether

    Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether

    Features of the Sidewinder Evo Rangefinder Tether: Built on the overwhelming success of the SideWinder, the Evo Rangefinder Tether is the next generation of retractable gear deployment systems. The SideWinder EVO is the outdoor … [Read More...]

    Marc with a great South Africa gemsbock

    My Take on High Fence Hunting

    As a hunting consultant I get asked all the time to discuss the issue of high fence hunting with clients who have never done it before. My opinion on this subject comes from my background and experience so let me fill you in … [Read More...]

    Marc Warnke with his huge Alberta mule deer

    Alberta Dream Mule Deer

    by Marc Warnke As seen in the July/August 2007 issue of the Mule Deer Foundation Magazine I am a committed bowhunter and during last year's Alberta moose hunt with my good friend Mike White, I saw some gagger muleys that I … [Read More...]


    Do Wolves Keep Forests Nutrient-Rich?

    A friend of mine, best selling author and fellow hunter Marc Warnke recently got into an online tussle with an anti-hunter about wolf hunting. They sent him an article from a blog which included all of the "facts" on wolves and … [Read More...]

Marc Warnke’s Videos

DIY Wyoming Hunting for Archery Elk

“Vapor-Trailin’ Aoudads” – 2013 Full Draw Film Tour Piece

Texas Aoudad

Big Brown Trout on a Mouse Fly

Father/Son Youth Hunt in South Texas

Texas Deer Hunting and Spot-n-Stalk Hogs

Archery Elk Hunting in British Columbia

Archery Mountain Lion

Archery Elk Hunt

Archery Cape Buffalo in South Africa

Got Hunts? We do.

Marc Specializes in these hunts:

These aren’t the only hunts that Marc can help you with, but he knows these hunts inside-out.

*if you don’t see a hunt here that interests you, be sure to contact us so we can help you find one.

    Start Planning Your Hunt

    Start Planning Your Hunt

Check out a few of Marc’s photos:
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