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Most people think of calling in huge bulls in a wilderness setting, but there are so many options with elk hunting: horseback or hiking; lodge or tent camp; wilderness over-the-counter, or drawing a good tag; land owner tags; guided elk hunting; bowhunting for elk; trophy elk hunting; elk hunting leases; private ranch elk hunts; high fence elk hunts; corporate hunts; and drop camp DIY elk hunts. Ask us about elk hunting »

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Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine

Corey Jacobsen of Extreme Elk Magazine discusses location calling; challenge bugling; use of wind; set up strategies; the use of decoys; raking as a last resort; cow calling and his theory on competition among hunters and how he feels about that. Listen to more podcasts »

How to Field Judge Elk

There are five steps to field judging elk:
1. Counting points is the first and most obvious step..
2. Figure out how long the main beam’s are..
3. What is the inside spread?
4. Mass is tough to judge… but important.
5. Tine Length is the single most important trophy criteria when field judging elk.

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How to Score Elk

Download an Official B&C Elk Score Chart | Use the B&C Elk Scoring Calculator
Boone andCrockett Elk Score Sheet

Download an Official B&C Elk Score Chart | Use the B&C Elk Scoring Calculator

There are four huntable subspecies of elk in North America:


Rocky Mountain Elk

The Rocky Mountain Elk is a subspecies of elk found in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent ranges of Western North America. Rocky Mountain elk are the most common subspecies of elk. We represent many proven and tested elk hunting outfitters throughout North America.

Roosevelt Elk

The Roosevelt elk is the largest of the four subspecies of elk in North America. Also known as the Olympic elk, Roosevelt elk are found in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest as well as Alaska’s Afognak and Raspberry Islands.

Tule Elk

The tule elk (Cervus canadensis ssp. nannodes) is a subspecies of elk found only in California, ranging from the grasslands and marshlands of the Central Valley to the grassy hills on the coast. The tule elk’s name comes from the tule on which it feeds, which grows in the marshlands. It is the smallest subspecies of all elk. When the Europeans first arrived, 500,000 +/- tule elk roamed California, but by 1895, the tule elk population was only 28. Conservation measures (driven by hunters) were taken to protect the species in the 1970’s and today, the tule elk population exceeds 4,000.

Manitoban Elk

Manitoban elk are a subspecies of elk found in the Midwestern United States and Canadian Prairie provinces. Compared to the Rocky Mountain elk, the Manitoban elk is larger in body size, with smaller antlers. The subspecies was driven into near extinction by 1900, but has recovered since. Almost all Manitoban elk hunting takes place on high fence operations. Although a wild population of Manitoban elk does occur in Manitoba, demand by hunters is far greater than available hunting opportunity. Elk hunting is available only through a limited entry draw system to residents of Manitoba.

These elk hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

“A Magical Morning in the Elk Woods” – Bowhunting for Elk

Bowhunting for elk is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception. We (Marc Warnke, Cory Glauner, Russ Meyer and Trevor Brittingham) hunted hard D-I-Y Style, and for the most part came up empty until one magical morning.

Archery Elk Hunting with Russ Meyer – “Big Bull Down”

2012 was good to Russ. In mid-September, he hunted open country trying for an antelope/elk combo and ended up taking this nice archery bull.

British Columbia Archery Elk Hunt “Deep In-Da Brush”

Watch as Marc Warnke of Outdoors International shoots an archery elk at 67 yards with his bow in British Columbia. The country was beautiful, steep and THICK… with plenty of elk.

DIY Archery Elk Hunting Video

Marc Warnke and Justin Sparks hunt bulls DIY style on the Idaho/Wyoming border.

“Driven” – Elk Hunting in New Mexico

Watch as Justin Sparks hunts late season bulls in New Mexico

Bowhunting Elk in British Columbia

Marc Warnke bow hunting elk in British Columbia. Hunting elk in BC can be difficult due to the terrain as well as the low elk density, but it is one of those places where you could have a chance at a tremendous bull

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