Polar Bear Hunting Outfitters and Resources

Polar bear hunts are expensive, and require lots of planning.
Using the best outfitter you can is essential.

Polar bear hunting has gotten caught up in the larger debate over global warming. Scientists and environmentalists are pushing for a ban on polar bear hunting.

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Hunting in the Arctic is undoubtedly the most physically demanding hunt that a modern day bowhunter can pursue. Having the proper equipment and making adequate preparation is imperative.” -Ricardo Longoria | Bowsite.com

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Everything you need to know about hunting polar bears:

Bowhunting for polar bears
If you want to do a bowhunt for polar bear, be prepared to get charged. Almost all polar bears will charge a bowhunter and need to be finished off with a rifle by your guide. However, it is possible if you are able to shoot effectively at 50 yards or more.

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Polar Bear Hunting Videos:

These polar bear hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the outfitters that we work with.

Fred Bear’s Archery Polar Bear Hunt

Fred Bear was unsuccessful on two or three different polar bear hunts prior to this one… unsuccessful in the sense that the bears had to be taken by the guide with backup rifles in self defense. They endured life threatening flights into the Arctic, and once they landed they would pack blankets around the engine to prevent it from freezing over. Finally, on his third or fourth attempt, Fred Bear was successful in harvesting a Polar Bear with his bow.

In a dream-like trance I took another arrow from my quiver, picked my spot carefully and shot. The point of the arrow was slightly above his back and the release was perfect. I watched the arrow arch high in seemingly slow motion flying perfectly….

Polar Bear Hunting with Recurve Bow!

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