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Lots of factors go into choosing the correct pronghorn antelope hunting outfitters, including trophy antelope quality; price; weapon; availability of landowner tags and more. Our team at GotHunts is here to help! Although Wyoming antelope outfitters are the best known for trophy antelope hunting, there are also great pronghorn antelope hunting outfitters in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Nebraska. » Talk to one of our Consultants

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Antelope Hunting Resources

  • How to Field Judge Antelope
  • How to Score Antelope
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    Pronghorn Hunting Areas, Units and Tags

  • Antelope Hunting in Nebraska
  • Getting Started Hunting Out West
  • Wyoming Preference Points. If you’re a hunter, you should apply.

  • Field Judging Antelope is Tricky

    Antelope are notoriously difficult to field judge, but there are a few tricks that will help you out. The three things to look at are the length of horn; mass; and the size of the prong. You will use the ears as a good point of reference to measure these three things against. Antelope ears are typically 5.5″ to 6″ long.

    What to look for when field judging antelope:

    1. 1. The horns need to be at least twice as long as the ears
    2. 2. The bases of the horns need to be almost as wide as the widest point of the ear
    3. 3. The prong should stick out at least two inches beyond the front edge of the horns
    5. That’s a quick rundown, but for more details click here.

    More Antelope Hunting Tips and Tactics…

  • How to Prepare for Hunting Pronghorn with a Bow

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    How to Score Pronghorn Antelope

    Pronghorn Scoring

    These antelope hunting videos are a collection of hunting videos from our clients, pro-staff, and the guides and outfitters that we work with.

    “The Struggle” – Idaho Archery Antelope Season

    Archery antelope hunting this year gave Jess and Russ Meyer a tough time. They had some close calls and saw tons of speed goats. Hunting isn’t easy but that is all a part of “The Struggle”. » Learn more about this hunt.


    Bowhunting for Antelope and Whitetails in Nebraska with Russ Meyer

    Russ Meyer and his Client Kurt Tony bowhunt for whitetails and antelope in Northwest Nebraska. » Learn more about this hunt.

    Archery Antelope and Whitetail Hunting in Nebraska

    Watch Jeff Ensor from Non Stop Hunting doing a combo antelope/whitetail hunt. » Learn more about this hunt.

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