Hunt Reports from Clients and Outfitters

Hunt reports from clients who have hunted with these guides as well as season and hunt reports from the Outfitters themselves.

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2015 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.

  • Outfitter Report - Africa was good to this German hunter
    It has been a good start to our season. We just dropped off our first hunter, who was from Germany at the airport. He had a great Safari here in South Africa, taking a nice buffalo, sable, nyala, zebra and blesbuck.
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  • Alaska Caribou Hunt
    It was a good hunt, but the guide should carry a gun for protection. Lots of bears. I couldn't understand that....
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  • Hunt Report - Arizona Mearns and Scaled Quail
    I have to say this was the best upland bird hunting I have ever experienced. Bud is an honest hardworking outfitter and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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  • Mike Collis
    If I were ever going moose hunting again, I go with this outfitter.
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  • Jared Griffith - New Mexico Elk Hunt
    This was an awesome hunt and opportunity from GOTHUNTS. I promote Russ Meyer all the time, he is an amazing broker and hunter. The other day someone referred to him as the Chuck Adams of Idaho.
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  • Chris Matson - California Blacktail Deer
    Conan is an expert hunter and fisherman. He was very key for the Black Tail Deer hunt in California.
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  • Alaska Unguided Caribou
    Although I was unsuccessful, I was pleased with my hunt. We just missed the migration.
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  • Idaho Archery Elk Hunt
    The guides are committed to making it enjoyable hunt.
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  • stars3
    Matt Hartsky
    Please refer to Russ on my comments about this hunt. I will absolutely book with Outdoors International again. I trust Russ's honest recommendations without doubt.
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2014 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.

  • Hunt Report - Fandrich Family Hunt in Namibia
    The food was exceptional, and what we truly enjoyed is the fact that we could just be ourselves. Not having to worry about other hunters, as we had the place to ourselves- very relaxed and comfortable setting, and we truly felt "at home".
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  • Outfitter Report - 2014 Elk Hunting Season
    We doubled up on day three, called in the bulls as a duo and shot them both at 125 yards. Awesome. What a difference a year and a different camp makes.
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  • Stan Wiliamson, Ph.D.
    Truly full-service hunt with absolutely great food, knowledgeable guide who paced the hunt well. Great accommodations. A great adventure.
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  • Tommy-Hairtrigger-arctic-grizzlystars5
    Jared Griffith
    It was a great hunt and an awesome chance to Bowhunt with the legend Russ Meyer!
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  • Tommy-Hairtrigger-arctic-grizzly2014 Post Season Report
    2014 Season – all seemed to go well. As with any season, there are those instances that we had guys come out of the field without animals, however the overall feel of the season was a great one.
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  • Tommy-Hairtrigger-arctic-grizzlystars5
    Jared Griffith
    Russ my miracle worker put together the ultimate Grizzly hunt for me. The guide I had, Rick took it from there, and helped me fulfill a life long dream. Russ and Rick tag teamed this so perfect, I couldn’t think of a better hunt ever!
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  • "Cliffed Out" - Marc's BC Mountain Goat
    Marc's BC mountain goat ended up being just under 9 inches but because of the mass that comes out of this area, he narrowly missed going Boone and Crockett.
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  • Hunt Report - DIY Alaska Moose Hunt
    As I sit and stare at the palms of my moose euro that sit on my wall, I can’t help but relive the experience. Alaska is an unbelievable place filled with unbelievable animals and they will never be forgotten.
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  • Hunt Report - BC Archery Black Bear
    When I had the opportunity to hunt with this outfitter, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that BC had great bears, great food and beautiful scenery. I took this hunt as a shakedown to prepare myself and test run all my gear for a Grizzly hunt in Alaska this fall.
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  • Hunt Report - Idaho Archery Elk
    Trip was great Outfitter and staff were excellent and very professional. We hope we can go on more hunts with Adam in the future
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  • Hunt Report - Kansas Whitetail
    I was unsuccessful, but absolutely! The hunt was great! However the weather killed us due to no one's fault. Craig was very apologetic but the weather was out of his control. I'll be going back in 2015.
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  • Hunt Report - Trophy Deer Hunt in Kansas
    Great outfitter. Great Trophy White tail hunting areas. Many blind and tree stand placements before the season allowing good positioning for wind. Constant monitoring of trail cams by the outfitter.
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  • Hunt Report - BC Black Bear
    I made friend's here that will be sorely missed until I meet them again. One of the top three of all of my hunts for sure. They produce and bend over backwards for you.
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  • Hunt Report - Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo
    People don't know what they are missing out on. My Kyrgyzstan Ibex and Marco Polo hunt was an unbelievable experience of a lifetime!
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  • I've been on a lot of hunts over the past years, and can honestly say this one of my best trips to date! With animals in every direction, the hardest decision was figuring out which Goat we were going after.
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  • Hunt Report - New Zealand Safari
    This was my first time to travel to New Zealand. I went to hunt red stag and tahr and had an incredible time. It turned into a New Zealand Safari.
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  • Hunt Report - DIY Alaska Moose Hunt Drop Camp
    This DIY Alaska moose hunt was everything I had hoped for. We were dropped off with a well equipped camp in a great area. We were in the moose the entire time and were able to harvest two good bulls with our bows.
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  • Hunt Report - BC Mtn Goat/Elk Combo
    I like the fact that someone from Outdoors InternationaI has been on this specific mtn goat hunt and can intelligently fit the hunter with a hunt they can physically do and enjoy.
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  • Outfitter Report - Alaska hunting season 2014
    Wow, it's a pretty easy task to give review of our 2014 Alaska hunting season!
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  • Hunt Report - Mtn. Goat, British Columbia
    This trip far exceeded my expectations! Marc put me on the best hunt I've been on! Tom the outfitter has an outstanding operation from all aspects.
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  • Outfitter Report - 2014 Alaska Hunting Season Review
    Grizzly bear season was great, with the first two hunters each bagging a nice bear the first day of their hunt. We had a total of six one day bear hunts.
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  • Grizzly Bear / Dall Sheep Alaska Combo Hunt
    I couldn't believe in less than seven days I had harvested a dall sheep and a grizzly bear, it was a trip of a life time!
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  • Outfitter Report - BC Bear Hunting Reort
    Once again, our 2014 ended with another successful British Columbia bear hunting season, happy hunters and some incredible bears.
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  • I couldn’t help but notice the skies as the buck we’d been working the previous ten hours slipped out the bottom of the canyon. The clouds were in such-a-way, I knew we were in for an amazing show. We set up the cameras and did our best to find a comfortable position in the rocks. […]
  • In 1988 I took my first big game animal with a bow. I was sitting over a bait in central Idaho when, to my surprise, a bear slipped over the ridge and was soon standing at fifteen yards, offering me a perfect shot. Can you say “Hook, line, and sinker”, not only for a lifetime […]
  • Jack O’Connor was first and foremost an outdoorsman, but he was also an English professor, which led to the marriage of the two and his prolific writings on everything from firearms, wildlife history and hunting. But his passion was wild sheep. He hunted sheep not for a trophy, but for the experience. He loved the […]
  • Another one of Russ’s clients had a successful Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan! Learn more about this hunt » Learn more about this hunt » Browse Our Ibex Hunting Trips Around the World:
  • If you are anything like me, when you think about red stag hunting, you instantly think of New Zealand. Most people do… and for good reason. New Zealand is where it’s at for monster stags and it is a beautiful country with lots of other awesome critters to hunt, including tahr and chamois. Both of […]
  • I recently hunted for Manitoban Elk in Quebec and had a blast. High Fence hunting is not necessarily my thing, but again, it was a blast. I have many clients due to age, physical limitations, lack of time, excessive trophy quality expectations, or lack of hunting experience who this style of hunting fits very well […]
  • This last April, Bob Steed was sitting and glassing from a vantage point with his guide, who, by the way, has guided well over 100 successful grizzly hunters, when they spotted this monster griz feeding on a fresh moose kill. After a three mile stalk on snowshoes in tricky mountain winds, they were able to […]
  • Having great outfitters is such a blessing as a consultant. At Outdoors International we have assembled the A-Team for archery elk hunting. We have 4 really affordable archery elk hunts you need to ask us about. All of these affordable archery elk hunts are in are in areas that are covered up in elk. Hunts […]
  • Last month, Justin and I were invited to New Mexico to check out a new potential outfitter (see here). Problem was, we had just a weeks notice. Luckily, I’m a spur-of-the-moment guy, and it didn’t conflict with any family activities for Justin either, so we said “sure” (of course we did, we’re not stupid). Both […]


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2013 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.

  • Went for a first-time moose hunt in Newfoundland with one of your outfitters. Russ Meyer set me up with a week-long moose and bear hunt, and it was an exciting mix of spot and stalk. Newfoundland provides for some steep terrain with timber and bogs. Thanks to our knowledgeable guide we were able to navigate […]
  • I took my friend Ron Elkin on his first black bear hunt this season. He was the first hunter up on the bait and he made it count.
  • Based on this great self guided mule deer hunting experience, we re-booked on the following year for an Idaho elk / mule deer combo hunt.
  • Our goal was to find a trophy Texas Aoudad destination in the famous Davis Mountains of West Texas. We were very pleased to discover not only large herds of Aoudad holding some huge trophies, but some awesome potential for trophy Desert Mule Deer. This is great opportunity to do a combo hunt in some beautiful […]
  • Marc Warnke, Mike White, & Cory Glauner had a blast Aoudad Hunting in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.
  • It is time to reflect on the 2012 Safari season, and it was a good one. This year we hunted some new areas as well as our established concessions throughout South Africa and Mozambique. In South Africa, we had the highest rainfall in over sixty years. Game has done well, and we had regular opportunities […]
  • Idaho Wilderness Mule Deer Hunt – November 2012 I got in touch with Outdoors International and Marc got me in touch with the outfitter he thought would be best for me to hunt with. I have him a call and we talked about what I could expect while mule deer hunting in the Frank Church […]
  • Here is the Illinois 2012 Deer Season Report from our Outfitter As we are finishing our Illinois 2012 deer season with just three days to go, lets take a glance of how our 2012 season went. We started off with the opening Illinois Archery season October 1 with a hot and dry week that followed […]
  • by Jim Haynes Mid-September, 2012 – Northern Alaska Caribou Hunting I will start with the criticisms. As with almost every outfitter, this Alaska caribou hunting guide was a little bit tough to communicate with. This is understandable as he was in the field much of the time and I’m glad I had you to answer […]


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2012 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.

  • After researching Mid Asian Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan for almost a year, my wife Maria and I set up our hunt through Marc at Outdoor International with the outfitter we wanted to use in Kyrgyzstan. Over the next six months, Marc very helpful in assisting to get all of the logistics in order. This can […]
  • I am confident we will be experiencing the “good ole days” we had prior to 2006 when we were deciding which 200 class muley to shoot.
  • As a western hunter, I can't say that I look forward to tree stand hunts. This one made me a believer.
  • While I did not harvest a mule deer I consider this one of my most successful hunts and I’m going back next year for sure. Having been an avid Sheep hunter turned upland bird hunter for the past decade it has been a long time since I have visited the wilderness for big game. The […]
  • I have to say the Nebraska antelope hunt you guys sent me on was first class. We just got back home and are already looking forward to next year.
  • In the five days of hunting, I had been inside 75 yards of a 150 inch buck at least once every day and inside 25 yards twice. We had seen a lot of very good bucks with a few we estimated over 180 inches.
  • Our Nebraska deer hunting / antelope hunting outfitter sent us this update along with a bunch of trail camp pics from this summer. His antelope/whitetail combo hunt is awesome. Hey guys, Here are the trail cam pics from the past two weeks. I am getting alot of activity on the trail cameras. There are still […]
  • I have to say up front that this Vessel-Based Alaska black bear hunt was one of the most awesome hunting trips I have ever been on.
  • Hey guys, Just wanted you to know that my daughter Katie and I had a great experience on our British Columbia black bear hunt. She took a nice black the third day of our hunt, and a few days later we came across another great bear that I was able to take. What a trip. […]
  • Because of less than ideal weather conditions in Alaska, we decided to select the second spring brown bear hunt offered by our outfitter... It was a wise decision.
  • As I am sitting there in the grass surrounded by dead salmon, the idea of my five day trip ending on day one finds me a bit sad… so when the hunter missed his chance to shoot and we watched the bear disappear into the brush up the creek I was doing a happy dance, […]
  • Alaska spring brown bear hunting reports all say, “hunting is tough”, but that didn’t keep our brown bear guides from filling our clients tags.
  • "Don’t fall asleep, an antelope can come to water at any time during the day and it will happen fast" ...Words of advice from my outfitter the morning on the first day of my first Nebraska Pronghorn antelope hunt.
  • We had a great time Texas turkey hunting. This Texas turkey hunting outfitter has lots of long beards, hogs and deer. My son, Myles, got his turkey within 30 minutes of the first day arriving at the lodge. This ranch was like hunting in a Mississippi river bottom. There are flowing creeks and large trees […]
  • The South Texas deer hunting Ranch (management) Hunt is a basic hunting package for a mature buck 4.5 years old or more with up to 150″ B&C.
  • Is anyone looking for a great archery antelope hunt with the option of a bonus whitetail buck and doe?? Well, Hunting Nebraska is the place.
  • Daily recap of last week’s Idaho wolf hunting trip Day one of Idaho wolf hunting turned out to be rainy in the morning but the afternoon provided for some good weather and allowed some good wolf hunting. Glassed two wolves running the ridge we were actually on late afternoon. Made a game plan and went […]
  • While a lot of us were still recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle Cory Glauner, Marc Warnke and Trevor Brittingham of Outdoors International are in South Texas deer hunting, and testing their Kryptek Gear in some different country. The first morning of the South Texas deer hunting trip proved to be a rather successful […]


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2011 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.

  • The AZ Strip. Arguably the best mule deer hunting. Mule deer bucks over 200″ B&C are taken EVERY year on the AZ Strip, but hunters usually have to wait a decade or longer to hunt mule deer on the AZ Strip. The success rate in the draw is 1%. Don’t gamble your success on hoping […]
  • I’m writing this article with duty in mind to fellow hunters in telling them about which Outfitters to avoid when booking a hunt. Our story begins with a good relationship with Larry Bryant of Kamchatka Russia Fly Fishing. Larry Bryant was our “eyes on the ground” in Kyrgyzstan for our Ibex and Marco Polo hunts. […]

  • South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Review
    We hunted birds for three days and since most of the corn was already cut, there were pheasants everywhere! It was the perfect South Dakota pheasant hunt.
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  • Here are two bucks taken in Nebraska during the archery pre rut deer hunting season this past week (11/8/2011) at our Red Cloud Ranch in south-central Nebraska. One was taken by the Outfitter with a compound bow spotting and stalking to 20 yards, and the other by our hunter Jim Sanchez from a ladder stand […]
  • Leonard Vierra and Russ Meyer Hi Russ, Attached is my testimony and pictures of my “Dream Hunt” I just went on in Idaho. Lil and I are truly blessed to have made new friends. Your efforts have put me on cloud 9 for a lifetime. Many thanks to Carole for supporting us when you were […]
  • One of our clients just got home from an archery Oregon elk hunt. He was excite to get his first ever bull elk. He and his father were hunting with one of our elk hunting Outfitters in Oregon. Congratulations John! This Oregon elk hunting outfitter hunts in the best units in Eastern Oregon, primarily on […]
  • One of our hunters just got back from another successful wilderness, horseback Idaho mountain lion hunt. Conditions were rough because there was no snow. They rode lots of miles on the horses, but never could cut a fresh track on the dry ground. They found a lot of kills, but they were mostly wolf kills. […]
  • Three or four elk hunting seasons ago, I guided Dave Brucken and Dr. Rance Gamblin on an Idaho archery elk hunt. Dave works for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and wrote a story about our little adventure that was later published in their Bugle Magazine. He and I have stayed in touch and he has […]
  • There is nothing like the first hard hunt of the season after the long winter months here in Idaho… the chance to get out, doe some Idaho turkey hunting, stretch your legs, and take in that mountain air. My opportunity came last month when co-worker, Marc Warnke, and I needed to visit one of our […]
  • I hunted two years ago I went on my first African Safari and the PH has kept in touch and baited me with the opportunity of South Africa Lion Hunting. I eventually took the bait and in the end booked myself and both of my sons for the trip to South Africa. When hunting the […]
  • Our Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting outfitter sent us his year end Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt Report: Well, here’s my post season Alaska mountain goat hunt report: The vessel-based Alaska goat hunting season is over and we went 100% on big billies. We had hunters from all over the world, including: Italy, Hungary, and Norway. This […]
  • I recently went Texas exotics hunting. Marc set me up on a great hunt at an incredible hunting lodge and I stayed and hunted for two weeks. For most of the Texas exotics hunt I sat in a blind, but on this day, instead of sitting in a hide my guide (Teddy) and I decided […]
  • Illinois whitetail hunt review by Steve Lewellen There are weeks where everything in the woods seems to come to life. This happens twice a year, once with the first warm day of spring and the other the peak of the rut. Everything seemed to come together the week of Nov 15 for my Illinois whitetail […]
  • Here is a Alaskan Bear Hunting Report just in from one of our Outfitters. Their spring Alaska Brown Bear hunting season was a complete success. By the way, we still have a few brown bear spots available, as well as a few grizzly bear spots. If you’re interested, you better hurry because these bear hunts […]
  • Here is another great Kansas deer hunting review for our Kansas Whitetail Outfitter. If you’ve ever even thought about hunting in Kansas, this is the hunt for you. This Kansas deer hunting review was easy for me to write. My wife gave me the option of an elk hunt or Kansas whitetail this year, I […]
  • I just wanted to drop you a line for a Nevada mountain lion hunt review and let you know about the wonderful mountain lion hunt my partner and I had in Nevada. There’s not much to say on this Nevada mountain lion hunt review other that it was a fantastic hunt from start to finish. […]
  • Well I am back home after an awesome time on my New Zealand tahr hunting adventure. Certainly Tahr hunting is one of the toughest things you will ever do, but there is something about it that draws you in, and one thing is for sure; you will go back and do it again, as I […]
  • Elk hunt report from our Idaho Wilderness Elk Outfitter: Here is an elk hunt report from our first two hunts we’ve had so far. Our first elk hunter (Greg) was a bit excited when we called in a bull, and missed a mature 6×6. Then on his second opportunity, two days later, he shot and […]
  • My elk hunting review for this hunt: My opinion on this elk hunting review is that this was overall a great Idaho archery hunt. We did not see a ton of elk, but we were into bugling bulls every day. Pretty tough to ask for more than that. It was a two on one guided […]
  • My mountain lion is the biggest cat killed in Idaho in the last 21 years. He is the new #2 record mountain lion in Idaho and ranked #10 all time Boone and Crockett. This was an unbelievable hunt! I had a great time. The mountain lion hunt consisted of driving road in a truck and […]
  • by Chris Burget Opening day of Idaho mule deer elk combo season, October 10th 2009 outside Grangeville, Idaho was a memorable one. Earlier this year I was invited by a good friend of mine Dave Suder to join him and 12 of his employees and clients for some mule deer elk combo hunts. Leaving Ketchum, […]
  • It was already dark when my wife answered the satellite call, “Hello! Did you get one?” As I replied, “Yes! It’s a beautiful silvertip.” My voice cracked, my knees buckled, and tears filled my eyes. All of the emotions and fatigue hit at that moment. I really don’t remember much more of the conversation. As […]
  • Submitted by Joe Omara While on my British Columbia moose hunt this past fall I was able to do the most exciting stalk of my life! Right into the center of a herd of moose! The day began as normal – busting my butt climbing a steep ridge trying to keep up to my guide, […]
  • I didn’t anticipate that on this trip I would become an accidental mountain lion hunter… On the third day of my November Idaho wilderness mule deer hunt, we were working our way to a glassing point when below us elk started to bark all around us. We sat down to see if we could glass […]
  • Just back from guiding a successful Idaho cougar hunting trip in the Frank Church Wilderness. Shane, the other guide and I had some good luck and found a fresh kill on the first evening. The mountain lion had just killed a cow elk minutes before we got there and drug it down to the ice […]


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2010 Hunt Reports:

If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.
*2010 coming soon…


If you have been on a hunt with one of our outfitters, please submit a hunt report here.