Cory Glauner

Founder and Co-owner of Outdoors International

Cory Glauner is first and foremost a Dad, but also an avid hunter (mostly with a bow), bird hunter, fisherman and “web guy”. He currently resides in rural Idaho with his little family.

With a background in web development, online marketing as well as years of experience as a guide and Outfitter, Cory is the founder of Outdoors International. Our talented staff of in-house developers led by Cory Glauner are able to handle all aspects of Graphic Design, Web Development, Custom Programming, Social Media, Video and Editing. Because we are able to make changes “on the fly,” we are nimble, efficient, and effective.

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Cory Glauner’s Blog

    Cory Bear with family

    Archery Bear Hunting With My Family

    I guided bear hunters during the Idaho spring black bear season.... it feels like a lifetime ago. We had a lot of fun, but we worked hard. After all of the hunters had gone home, there was still one evening left of the season and … [Read More...]


    VIDEO: Vapor Trailin’ Aoudads

    This sheep hunting video was taken on a very special free range aoudad hunt on a 22,000 acre ranch in West Texas. Located near Marfa, Texas in the famed Davis Mountains, there are VERY high numbers of good rams on this place, in … [Read More...]

    Marc Cory and Russ elk

    VIDEO: Magical Morning in the Elk Woods

    September 2011 Bowhunting for elk often comes down to one magical morning. Bowhunting for elk here in Idaho is a tradition for the Outdoors International team, and the 2011 season was no exception. We (Marc, Cory, Russ and … [Read More...]


    Lost a Finger and Found a Brown Bear

    by Cory Glauner Last spring (2012), Cory went on a 10-day Alaska brown bear hunt on the Alaska Peninsula with his client, Bruce Templeton. Brown bear hunting on the Alaska Peninsula switches from a Spring to a Fall hunt … [Read More...]

    Archery elk flu

    Life Lessons Learned While Elk Hunting

    I've hunted a lot of elk. I've guided a lot of elk hunts as well, so I feel qualified to give you a few elk hunting tips. If I've learned one thing it's that elk hunting parallels life... and life isn't fair. Be careful what you … [Read More...]

    Cory glauner with an archery blue wildebeest

    Blue Wildebeest Facts

    I am going on my first African Plains Game Safari soon, and I wanted to acquaint myself with some of the animals I may be hunting while there. I'll start with Blue Wildebeest, they're pretty cool in their unique ugliness. I guess … [Read More...]


    Javelina Hunting… Harder Than Expected

    While we were living in Tempe, AZ I applied for every hunt that we could. I drew an archery javelina hunting tag and the ex drew a premium late mule deer tag on the Arizona Strip unit 13B... go figure. Like they say, life isn't … [Read More...]

    take a kid fishing

    Pass It On! Get Your Kids Outdoors

    Over the last twenty-some years kids outdoors playtime has declined by 25%, unstructured outdoor activities have declined by 50 percent, and family dinners have decreased by 33%. How can you gain back some of that lost time while … [Read More...]


    Fishing with My Kids

    Yesterday I took my kids fishing with Marc Warnke and his family. The weather was great, the fish were biting and we had a great time. I'm trying to get Webb to give me a "high-five", but he's too busy mugging it up for the … [Read More...]

    black bear tent

    Camp Raiding Black Bear

    Sometime, around a campfire you'll have to ask me to tell you the story about this bear. I just don't think it's the right kind of story to be told online, although I wish I could... It's quite a tale. I don't think most people … [Read More...]

    Cory Glauner nice-steelhead

    Idaho Spring Steelhead Fishing

    by Cory Glauner We just got back from a Northern Idaho Steelhead fishing trip this spring up the East Fork of No-Tellum Creek. Cory, Bruce, Mike, Chris, Ben and Brett all went up for the weekend. We had a great time and … [Read More...]

Cory Glauner’s Videos

Trophy Red Stag with a Bow

“Vapor-Trailin’ Aoudads” – 2013 Full Draw Film Tour Piece

Texas Aoudad

Archery Elk Hunting in British Columbia

Texas Whitetail

Alaska Brown Bear

Archery Elk Hunt

Archery Giraffe in South Africa

Spot and Stalk Black Bear

Idaho Sturgeon Fishing with Family and Friends

High Water River Crossing on a Spring Bear Hunt

Bluegill Fishing with the Kids

Check out a few of Cory’s photos:
Cory Glauner and Bryce Hughes sturgeon fishing in Hagerman IdahoCory Glauner with his awesome archery kuduCory Glauner Archery ImpalaWebb Glauner with his zebraCory glauner with an archery blue wildebeestCory Glauner with a baboonCory Glauner with a nice warthogWCory Glauner with a Roland Ward gembsokCory Glauner with his 380" North American Red StagCory-and-Justin-hunting-elkCory Glauner and Marc Warnke, Owners of Outdoors InternationalMarc-CoryCory2Mike-and-CoryCory Ram Tenzing KryptekCory Ram SkinningCory Baby JavelinasCory-teaching-kids-to-shootcory-javelinaJaken and Cory with Jaken's first javelina and second ever big game animal.Cory with his South Texas deer, hog and javelinaCory Glauner with his South Texas whitetail.Cory Glauner with his first ever whitetailCory Glauner with an archery warthogCory Glauner with his archery girrafecory glauner archery elkmarc-warnke-and-cory-glauner-turkey-huntingIdaho high mountain velvet mule deer backpack huntCory with his first archery mule deer. Spot and stalk. Age 13Quail hunting near my house in IdahoCory Glauner with a russian boarCory Glauner Turkeycory-sheepcory-lionCory-Hunting-Jeepcory glauner fishingCory Glauner sheep huntingCory doing some sort of weird showgirl thing...Cory Glauner with a big mule deer dead head found in UtahCory Glauner with a pair of mule deer sheds from Utah. These are the same side from the same buck two different years. 2005Cory Glauner with a big Southern Idaho Mule Deer shedCory Glauner with his archery Arizona JavelinaCory Glauner pheasant huntingIdaho Color Phase Black Bear HuntCory Glauner getting ready to clean a pile of birdsCory Glauner with the group's limit of South Dakota pheasantscory Glauner South Dakota pheasant huntingIdaho Archery Elk Huntzbrents buck Cory Glauner  BRENTCory Glauner John Haerter Hunt 049Cory Glauner John Haerter Hunt 056Archery warthogCory Glauner fly-fishingCory Glauner grandpa-fishingCory Glauner high-mountain-lake-fly-fishingCory Glauner kids-quail-huntCory Glauner kids-shootingCory Glauner nice-steelheadCory Glauner pig-hunt-with-kidsCory Glauner pretty-steelheadCory Glauner salmon-fishingCory Glauner south-fork-snakeCory Glauner steelheadCory Glauner striped-bassCory Glauner trophy-troutCory Glauner espn3Cory Glauner espn4Cory Glauner DeerCory GlaunerCory Glauner Warthogty_Cory Glauner _with_tys_sheep2Cory Glauner TruckFire_(3)Cory Glauner Spring 09 042Sheep Hunt 021 Cory GlaunerSept20Dennis_Cory GlaunerSean Jim CoryCory GlaunerCory GlaunerCory GlaunerCory Glauner craners bearCory Glauner dovesCory Glauner ut deerCory Glauner chukarCory Glauner antelopeCory Glauner cow elkCory Glauner turkeyCory Glauner geeseCory Glauner waterfowlCory Glauner muzzleloaderCory Glauner turkeysCory Glauner az mule deerCory Glauner north rimCory Glauner javelinaCory Glauner ret deerCory Glauner coyoteCory Glauner gooseCory Glauner bearCory Bear with familyCory Glauner kayaking in alaskaCory Glauner and Marc warnke with a BrownCory Glauner rattlesnakeCory Glauner selwayCory Glauner cliff deerCory Glauner geeseCory Glauner dad turkeyCory Glauner treedCory Glauner 45Cory Glauner chesterCory Glauner packCory Glauner ty elkCory Glauner spikeCory Glauner late deerCory Glauner ducksCory Glauner OnTopOfTheWorldCory Glauner nutsack ramCory Glauner Nov12_RolphCory Glauner MOOSECory Glauner lion_2nd_,webb-fish1Cory Glauner KMVT elk huntJaryCory Glauner  Idaho71Cory Glauner moose stalkCory Glauner Idaho 053Cory Glauner Eyeball eatingCory Glauner elk 2010Cory Glauner elk2009Cory Glauner Duck Hunt 001Cory Glauner lionDove Cory Glauner and Mossidaho81Cory Glauner MasCory Glauner  ty_Goose_PheasantCory Glauner sheepCory Glauner PheasantCory Glauner  utah archery buck 06Cory Glauner bobcatCory Glauner  Bighorn Bob Newton Jess CoryCory Glauner  Big Creek BridgeCory Glauner blonde bearCory Glauner and Marc Warnke backpack huntCory Glauner with kids on the four wheelerCory Glauner albino mule deerCory Glauner coldCory Glauner chukar