Corporate Hunts

Outfitters that Cater to Groups and Businesses

Corporate hunts provide special facilities, specifically designed to accommodate corporate functions.

Corporate jetWhether you are the owner / partner of an established company, or just getting started, we can help meet your business retreat needs.

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Corporate hunts can be a logistical nightmare.

Many times, organizing a Corporate hunt falls on the shoulders of a person within a company, who often, doesn’t hunt and is just trying to put things together. Even if the organizer is a hunter, knowing what everyone in the party wants can be difficult. Not only that, there is almost always an overall budget that the organizer needs to work within… and without knowing the industry inside and out, the organizer can get in a lot of hot water by putting together a nightmare hunt.

Corporate Hunts
Our South Dakota pheasant hunting outfitter is a great choice for your Corporate hunt.

The best solution is to use a hunt consulting firm.

Corporate deer huntingAt GOTHUNTS, we do these things every day for a living. We can handle everything from A to Z.

Not only will we do all the work, our service to the client is FREE!

Our fee’s are paid for by the outfitter we place our clients with. We have multi-year relationships with our outfitters and have so many choices globally that we have the right trip for anyone or any group.

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If your looking to take some important clients on fishing trip, bird hunting, or to hunt elk, deer, moose, whitetail or just get out with the core group in your company and jet off to Africa… we have the right connections and we will work with your budget to make sure it is as good as it can be.

These hunts are chosen specifically for large groups or corporate hunts. Some are high-end, with 5-star lodging and all the accommodations you could ask for. Others are more primitive, but all of them are quality hunts with outfitters who know how to handle large groups of hunters. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can set you up with a great hunt for your business.

~Marc Warnke