Cory Glauner

Co-Owner / Marketing Director

Cory Glauner is an avid hunter (mostly with a bow), bird hunter, fisherman and a serial entrepreneur. He currently resides in rural Idaho with his little family.

With a background in web development, online marketing as well as years of experience as a guide and Outfitter, Cory is the founder of Outdoors International and the guy “behind the scenes” making us all look good.

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Cory’s Hunting Gallery

Alaska Peninsula Spring Brown Bear Hunt

May 2012

A great day in South Texas archery hunters Cory Glauner with a russian boar south dakota pheasant hunting 2001 Idaho Archery Black Bear Hunt with My Boys Utah mule deer hunt Archery elk hunting in Idaho I caught this big rainbow trout near my house in Idaho Trophy velvet mule deer hunt I guided in Idaho Idaho turkey hunting

South Africa Plains Game Hunt

Cory Glauner with his archery girrafe Cory Glauner with an archery warthog

August 2011

Cory and his son fly fishing Cory Glauner archery elk Goose hunting in Idaho Hunting pheasants in South Dakota

South Texas Management Whitetail Hunt
South Texas Management Whitetail

South Texas Javelina South Texas Management Whitetail Texas hog hunting

January 2012

Not all dogs are fit to hunt, nor in the same way are all men gratified by it. Nor, for those of us who share this dogs pleasure of hunting (if you will,) do I ask special tolerance or understanding. We are as we are and if we seem to you to act immorally it is certainly your right to feel so, but I say most seriously that you exceed your rights when you urge that laws be made in the shape of your conscience to block pleasures permitted by mine. When you prevail you commit a crime against freedom and that’s the greatest immorality I know.”
~ Vance Vourgaily

Hunting with kids
Boe Benefield with his first sturgeon. This one was a fighter.

Cory Glauner sheep hunting Pheasant hunting Jeken and i with his Javelina I enjoy getting people on their first sturgeon
Arizona Mule Deer HuntingBucks behind me in the blind Cory with his first archery mule deer. Spot and stalk. Age 13 I took my friends daughter out for her first deer. That is my son Webb with her in the picture. Quail hunting near my house in Idaho Late season archery deer hunt
Dove hunting with my son
We rode a lot of miles on the horses while hunting on opening day of Idaho's first wolf hunting season Cory and Marc fly fishing for Brown Trout in Oregon Fishing Idaho high mountain lake Idaho high mountain velvet mule deer backpack hunt
Teaching kids to shoot guns