Justin Sparks aka “The Gear Junkie”

Justin Sparks 2010 Elk Hunt

Justin Sparks was exposed to hunting at a young age as his father was an avid archery hunter and was very eager to pass on his knowledge and passion to his kids.  Packing him around in a make shift pack as a toddler, chasing Rocky Mountain Elk was bred into him from the beginning.  Being able to help out with his grandfather’s outfitting  company “Bear River Outfitters”  in his teens was a great experience and came natural.  Having a rodeo with a pack string was just another day at the office.

Justin is primarily an archery hunter for big game animals but also enjoys waterfowl hunting and  fly fishing on back country lakes and streams. He takes a lot of pride in his ability to call and understand elk. Hunting in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah & Colorado has added to his experience. Justin currently resides in Star, Idaho with his growing family.

 “I’m designed to hunt. I’m a predator with my eyes in the front of my head like a coyote or a wolf or a bear or a mountain lion for good depth perception. I’m designed from one end to the other to launch a projectile of some sort and take down game. I don’t fight that. I figure it’s in my genetics and in the way I was raised. I love to eat wild game. Any time you eat, you’ve killed something”…… Chuck Adams

Watch Justin as he stalks within 8 yards of this Mule Deer buck!!!

“Don’t worry about negative people” “I don’t spend any time agonizing about guys who aren’t committed to being their best or helping (inspiring others) to make positive strides in life. We have so much to be thankful for, yet regardless, there will always be a number of negative people who would sooner see you fail than surpass them. Steer clear of such negative energy and surround yourself with people who have the self-confidence to encourage your efforts while supporting their own. Personally, if I can make a positive difference in just once persons’s life each day, I consider that day a success. Keep hammering and yeah, go BEAST MODE in everything. It’s a “Win the Day” attitude and it’s powerful!” Cameron Hanes