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Marc Warnke – Co-Owner, Hunting Consultant Director

Marc Warnke Hunting Consultant208.867.6675 | marc@gothunts.com
Marc Warnke is an avid bow hunter, fly fisherman and best selling author. He has been able to hunt and fish the world and most of his young life was spent as a “hunt and fish bum.” He has been on the covers of Eastman’s Bowhunting and Trophy Hunter as well he was featured in articles in the The Hunt’n Fool and The Mule Deer Foundation Magazine. He has global experience with outfitters and understands what a memorable hunt consists of. He also knows what a bad hunt is like and has been there too.

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Cory Glauner – Co-Owner, Marketing Director

Cory Glaunercory@gothunts.com
Cory is an avid archery hunter and also enjoys bird hunting and fishing. If you can do it outside, he’s probably done it. Cory has professionally guided big game hunters in Idaho, pheasant hunters in South Dakota and has personally hunted and fished around the world.

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Russ Meyer – Hunting Consultant

Russ Meyer, hunting consultant208.941.2330 | russ@gothunts.com
Russ is a man of faith who has been blessed with a wonderful family and a passion for the outdoors. He enjoys fishing, bird hunting, and big game hunting. As a hunting consultant, Russ appreciates the friendships and the opportunity to help your dream hunt become a reality.

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Trevor Brittingham – Hunting Consultant

Trevor Brittingham - Tanzania Cape Buffalotrevor@gothunts.com
Trevor grew up in East Texas with some of the state’s finest whitetail hunting and largemouth bass fishing right in his backyard. He has been chasing big game and hooking into huge fish since he was five years of age, and he has experienced the great outdoors from the rivers and mountains of Alaska to the plains and highlands of Africa and everything in between.

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Justin Sparks – Product Development

Justin Sparksjustin@gothunts.com
An avid bow hunter, incredible elk caller and a self proclaimed “gear junky”, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge to the Outdoors International team.

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