A Utah Easter Hog “Hunt” – Hog Hunting in Utah

Hog hunting in Utah you ask? Well, kind of…

Hog Hunting in Utah
For the past few years we have gone camping with my wife’s family in Utah during Easter weekend. Our traditional Easter camping spot is about a mile or so away from a big ranch loaded with exotic game including Russian Boar and I’m intrigued every time we drive down to camp. Our itinerary usually includes paint-ball wars, Easter egg hunts for the kids, hiking, riding four-wheelers, fishing and shooting clay pigeons. Just your average good ‘ole redneck-type fun. As you know, the weather this time of year can be marginal at best and this year was no exception. While we were staring at each other over the fire in the rain we naturally started talking about hunting, and that led to talk of hog hunting and since I almost always travel with my bow, before I knew it we were lining up a hunt. Hog hunting in Utah…. Works for me!

Now I’ve always been a fair-chase, wilderness archery elk hunting type of guy. The thought of chasing something around in a pen and shooting it isn’t hunting in my mind, so I had no illusions as to what I was getting into. My line of thought went about like this: It’s raining, cold, and I’m tired of sitting around. There are some great big, cool looking pigs just over the hill. I have my bow with me. I like to eat pork. Boar tusks are cool. Let’s go!

We loaded all the kids up, went and lined things up with the neighbor and went hunting. The pigs were running in a huge area and the hunting was fun but the best part about the whole thing was letting all of the kids join in on the blood trail and help with the whole process. They got a kick out of that.

In conclusion: I don’t really have a problem with people who hunt behind fences, I’m not sure that it’s for me, but if you want to hunt that way… go for it.

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